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Aahhh, All Better Now

Well, it seems the writer’s block has passed.

Apparently I was trying to make a character into something he was not supposed to be.  The more I pressed him in that direction, the harder it got to write “around” him, bringing the character and the whole story alive.  The minute I stopped, took him back to how he was originally, what he was meant to be, the direction he was supposed to go, the log jam cleared and I went off and wrote as much in two days as I had in the previous two weeks.

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. . . And Another Day Goes By (aka, Writer’s Block)

Isn’t it just like fate! Make a promise, put it on paper, put it out into cyberspace, and BAM! now you gotta deliver.

Such is my plight now that I’ve said I’m going to finish my manuscript by the end of this month.  NOW I have writer’s block!


I know what I want the characters to do.  I know the direction I want the story to go.  I know how I want the drama to unfold.  I know all of that!  Still, I sit down at the computer, put hands to keyboard and . . . .


Suddenly I’m overly interested in the latest episode of “Olivia” my daughter is watching in the next room.  It becomes really vital that I check up on my Facebook account.  And Twitter.  And Hotmail.  The lunch I had just wasn’t quite enough and those BBQ chips are calling, taunting.

“Your cholesterol is just fine”, they say, “don’t worry about your sodium intake. We’re sssooooooo good!!”

VH1 Classic isn’t helping either, what with the Pink Floyd specials and the latest showing of “Rush: Time Machine”.  It’s not fair! (In all honesty though, Rush is really good!)

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Life (part two) So Far . . . an Update

I must apologize for the inconsistency in my writing lately; both in frequency and content.  My focus for the last several weeks has been on a couple different projects, one of which is a fiction manuscript called “ReFoRMation”: a work in progress, ten+ years in the making.  This book is one that was originally written over ten years ago and then placed on the shelf of forgotten dreams while I pursued what I thought at the time was the responsibility of a “real job”.

It actually took stepping away from what most would consider a responsible life to realize that the word “responsibility” has many different, shifting meanings.

Responsible to what?

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ReFoRMation (the book)

Alright, I asked for it!  Here’s a link to the book I’ve been writing/editing/polishing.  It’s a work of fiction and is centered around the ideas of questioning, doubt, reconciliation and, of course, spiritual warfare!  This is by no means the finished product, but I would like to get some constructive feedback on what everyone thinks so far.


And away we go . . .

ReFoRMation blog page