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It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

I’ve been surprised and a little troubled at the string of hurt feelings, specious misunderstandings, and unintentionally bruised egos I’ve seen lately because of things posted on various social media . . . particularly Facebook. Especially this time of year.

An alternative title to this post was; “It’s All Fun & Games Until It Gets Personal”.

Another one was; “I’m Beginning to Loathe Facebook”.

I’m the guy who not long ago announced on his own FB page:

“One of the unfortunate limits of the written word is that it can never adequately portray the appropriate depth of sarcasm necessary for certain times . . . now, of course, being one of those times.”

You know, I get that the printed word doesn’t do much but lay there; waiting merely to be picked up, examined like some archeological specimen, to be interpreted through the often well-intentioned yet ill-informed lens of the particular examiner.  Like a piece of bone lacking the flesh and musculature that gives you the full image of  the original species, the printed word lacks the subtle nuance that any type of spoken inflection can add—be it sarcasm, tenderness, empathy, humor, desperation, anger, or guilt.

Whatever I write, I tend to read back exactly as I intend it to sound.  That doesn’t mean you will; no matter how I italicize, capitalize or dramatize with color.  There’s been my fair share of situations, be it through misunderstandings, misguided intentions, or short-sighted emotions–whether I was involved in the original commentary or not–where I’ve felt the desire to step in; trying in my own often misguided, misunderstood, overly emotional way, to salvage friendships (or ‘friend’ships), mend misunderstandings, or try to round up fiery reactions like so many herd of cats.

Then . . . it happened to me. Continue reading It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

Reactions to My Posts on Addiction – – In Worlds of “Could” and “May” and “Might”

I must say, the reaction to my posts(s) on porn addiction (My Old Friend and Reactions & Resources) takes me back a bit ~ a reaction that includes the request that my wife and I resign our positions at the non-profit organization my wife helped co-found, Ds Connections Nw.  It seems, and not for the first time, I’ve breached a sensitive subject matter wherein worry has reared its ugly head about how other people could, or may, or might react: Yet not how anyone actually has, or had, up to the point of our resignation, to the best of my knowledge.

I am curious though, within these posts, what anyone of the general public found to be offensive?

One might say, “Oh, I personally didn’t find it offensive.  Still, the subject matter is too overly sensitive, especially given the positions that you and your wife carry in a non-profit organization; most especially one that deals so directly with children.”

Or possibly it’s the fact that it may be seen as such.

Okay, I get that. (Truly, I do.)

But I must say; unless someone specifically comes forward with this complaint, with this offense, we’re merely jumping at our own shadows, eventually only to be frozen in place, unable to accomplish anything for fear of who we might offend.  And if the offense has not in actuality taken place, the offensiveness must not lie within the perception of the public, it lies within our own perceptions.

So again I ask: what, in my recent post, was found to be offensive? Continue reading Reactions to My Posts on Addiction – – In Worlds of “Could” and “May” and “Might”

Trying to be Good Enough {by Not Trying to be Good Enough}

cartoon courtesy of The Bunny System

I’ve got an idea! Let’s start off with a pop quiz this morning!

I know you haven’t studied.  That’s why it’s called a “pop” quiz.

I know it’s summer and you want to go outside.  The sooner you get this done, the sooner you can go out.  Do you hear me??  It’s just a couple questions.  You’ll live.  Ready?

I said, ready!??

Here we go . . .



1)  “What is the meaning of life?” _______________________________________________________________________________

(if you need more room, you can write on the back)

2)  “Why am I here?”
(not me . . . you!  And yes, you may substitute “What is my purpose?” if you’d rather.)

(You shouldn’t need that much room for this one . . . stop writing.)

Actually, if you wanna know a secret, I can distill these two questions down to a single yes-or-no question, especially if you take both of them by our modern, technically advanced, high performance, low carb, extra strength, new and improved worldly standards.

Ready for this one??  Okay, you asked for it . . . Continue reading Trying to be Good Enough {by Not Trying to be Good Enough}

. . . And Another Day Goes By (aka, Writer’s Block)

Isn’t it just like fate! Make a promise, put it on paper, put it out into cyberspace, and BAM! now you gotta deliver.

Such is my plight now that I’ve said I’m going to finish my manuscript by the end of this month.  NOW I have writer’s block!


I know what I want the characters to do.  I know the direction I want the story to go.  I know how I want the drama to unfold.  I know all of that!  Still, I sit down at the computer, put hands to keyboard and . . . .


Suddenly I’m overly interested in the latest episode of “Olivia” my daughter is watching in the next room.  It becomes really vital that I check up on my Facebook account.  And Twitter.  And Hotmail.  The lunch I had just wasn’t quite enough and those BBQ chips are calling, taunting.

“Your cholesterol is just fine”, they say, “don’t worry about your sodium intake. We’re sssooooooo good!!”

VH1 Classic isn’t helping either, what with the Pink Floyd specials and the latest showing of “Rush: Time Machine”.  It’s not fair! (In all honesty though, Rush is really good!)

And of course Angry Birds Space just came out, so . . . . Continue reading . . . And Another Day Goes By (aka, Writer’s Block)