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Drifter ChristmasIn celebration of the Christmas Season, starting tomorrow 12/19, ALL OF MY CURRENTLY AVAILABLE E-BOOKS ARE ONLY .99 FOR THE NEXT WEEK!! That’s right! Every single book of mine is on sale for less than a buck for the next week.

In addition, from the 19th to 23rd, the 1st Drifter, “The Path of Judgment”, will be FREE!!


A Short ‘Thank You’ to My (400+!??) Readers!


I just noticed that I passed the 300 mark for posted articles on Spiritual Drift!

SD was started in August of 2011 as a way to catalog my (mis)adventures in attempting to reconcile my faith to the world of retail customer service.

Spoiler alert: I failed! Badly! And as a result, left the wild jungles of retail (after ten years with Barnes & Noble!) in January of 2012.

I’ve learned so much in the last 2 ½ years…much of it cataloged within the blog pages of SD. A few of these knowledge nuggets?…

  • The priority of family.
  • The vast differences between “want” and “need”
  • And, in the grand scheme, when given fair consideration, Jesus really did know what he was talking about.

Funny ol’ thing, that!

Though, as a family, we may be (temporarily) poorer in worldly goods, we are much richer in spirit, in character and, most importantly, in relationship with one another and those friends who’ve chosen to walk with us on this adventure.

The world thinks we’re weird.

I think that simply means we’re on the right path!

Thank you, my readers, for tagging along.

…and the adventure continues.

My Last ‘Scheduled’ Monday Post

Over the past several months, it’s been a discipline of mine to write a post every Monday, a devotion/inspirational oriented post every Wednesday and a “Photo Friday” post every . . . . you guessed it, Friday.

This regiment was intended as much for my own development as a writer as for whatever blessing of content I might be able to bestow on you my faithful reader.  And, for the most part, I’ve been able to uphold my end of the self-imposed deal.  So, with that in mind, its time to move on and develop another discipline of my writing repertoire: being able to finish what I’ve started.

You see, several years ago I wrote a manuscript for a suspense/supernatural Christian fiction book entitled “ReFormation”.  I submitted it to every publisher I knew of at the time and . . . . it was promptly rejected by all of them.  So on the shelf it sat for many years.  Until about six months ago when I hauled it out, dusted it off and read through it.

It wasn’t bad.
Not great.
Certainly worthy of all the rejections it received all those years ago.
But overall, it had promise.
So, onto the computer it went and I began a concerted effort at a rewrite.

Which lasted all of about two months.

You know . . . life happens!  But, I’ve recently rediscovered this long lost file on my computer once again, and now its time to finish what I’ve started. Continue reading My Last ‘Scheduled’ Monday Post