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From J.S. Park/The Atheist Pastor: “My Brother Got In A Fight At Church Today”

A friend of mine posted this on his Tumblr blog last night and I thought it definitely worth a repost.

One caveat: It involves the Catholic church but it is not about the Catholic church. As J.S. said in a follow-up comment on Facebook, “The sad thing is that it’s already receiving backlash because some are making it a “Catholic” issue. I’m hearing that him being yelled at is an “acceptable reaction” at a Catholic Church. But if I wouldn’t have even mentioned that part, then it would be completely unacceptable whether it’s at a mosque, synagogue, gym, or school club. I have nothing against Catholics at all, and in hindsight I shouldn’t have brought that up because now the focus is in justifying it. It’s an irredeemable abuse of authority, in any type of church, anywhere. (emphasis: mine)

Yes, J.S. got/gets a little heated; justifiably so IMHO. His point still stands, whether it be how someone eats a wafer, how they dress, how their kids act, etc., etc. The part of this judgmental mindset we (as church-goers) tend to miss is that Church is, was, and always will be until Jesus’ return, a hospital, not a country club. The part of this scenario we are overlooking is that we wouldn’t even be having this discussion if these people weren’t there in the first place! Where they (and we) should be! Where they (and we) should feel safe, accepted, welcome, needed, encouraged…

And corrected, yes, but only if this correction falls under Jesus own model. The adulterous woman comes to mind, the woman at the well…

Jesus called out the Pharisees as well, but if you remember correctly, these were the men that felt they had the law down, they knew, just knew, they were right. And, to them, that was everything, to be right; to keep order; to make sure the faithful ate those wafers in just the right way…

Anyway, here’s J.S. Park to tell the whole story, I’d love your take on this topic and J.S.’ as well as his brother’s reaction to it all:

My Brother Got In A Fight At Church Today.

My brother does not regularly attend church, and today he was yelled at in front of an entire Catholic Mass because he broke the communion wafer.

A lady at the altar accused him of “sharing the cracker with his girlfriend,” so my brother opened his mouth to show her the entire thing — already an embarrassing gesture — and the lady called him a liar.  Repeatedly.  My brother argued back, it became loud and heated, and then he walked out.

My brother didn’t know this was a rule, and neither did I — but even if it’s a rule, this is not how you handle things. Continue reading From J.S. Park/The Atheist Pastor: “My Brother Got In A Fight At Church Today”