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Serving Your Judas

Ahh, there’s nothing like a good *smack* of reality upside the head to wake you up in the morning!

So . . . I was talking to a friend of mine over coffee this morning.  Venting actually.  About a relationship my wife and I are struggling with.  Someone we know, work with on occasion and see every so often at similar social circles.

You could call it . . . adversarial.  It’s hard to find common ground with these people.  They seem so . . . negative.  So . . . combative & confrontational.

I mean, it’s not us, my wife and I are sweet as pie! (insert big, cheeky grin here)  So, it’s got to be them.  Why do they make it sssooooo hhaaaaarrdd??

Anyway, so I’m venting . . .

My friend listens calmly, nods politely (he’s that kinda guy . . . yup, same guy from the “Church” post), then says, “You know . . .    Jesus, on the last night he was with his disciples–the night of the passover meal–washed all of their feet.  Including Judas.  Knowing full well he was going to be betrayed.  By the man sitting right there in front of him, holding out his foot.”

“What do you think?  You think their might have been a little desire to twist an ankle?  Maybe just a little?  Possibly scrub just a liiiitttlle harder than he needed to?”

“But, he served.  Right to the end.”

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