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The Sunshine Blog Award

Thank you to Walter Bright for nominating Spiritual Drift for a Sunshine Blog Award.  This award is given by other writers to, “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”  

My goal from the beginning has always been that, even if I reach one person where they are in their spiritual walk; reaching their heart to provide even a little bit of solace or support; reaching their mind to make them think of their faith or the world around them in a way that makes some sense, or provides some insight, then I’ve done my job for that day.

So thank you to Walter and anyone else that may get something out of my humble little musings.  Thank you to God and Jesus Christ for giving me what little gift of writing I may have and for giving me the opportunity to craft that gift . . . ultimately, it’s all for You anyway. Continue reading The Sunshine Blog Award

The Four Most Important Words I’ve Learned

There are four words fast becoming the most important, significant lesson I’ve ever read, seen, heard, what-have-you, up to this point in the non-stop roller coaster called life:  Whether it be in regards to living, loving, spirituality, relationship or anything else.  These words don’t come directly out of the Bible, or from the mouths of  some wise sage or new age guru, yet everything that’s been taught, written or spoken within or by any of them can be summed up in these four words:

It’s not about you!

Meditate on those for awhile; in any situation, any relationship, any exchange you’re dealing with, and see if it doesn’t change your life.

If it’s too hard to do, if it hurts, makes you angry, makes you think “No, no, no, this person doesn’t understand . . .”, take a step back.  Check your own motives, check your pride, curb your ego.  Maybe its not them . . .

Maybe it is, in fact, you.

Then, think again . . .

It’s not about you!

Don’t think, “It may not be . . .”, “It might not . . . “, “This time it’s not . . .”


It’s NOT about you.  Pure.  Simple.  Non-negotiable.

Have a great day!