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Search Terms That Send You To Me (You Poor Thing!)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a wonderful thing; a useful tool in the arsenal of any website owner, helping wayward internet browser’s find your brilliant site and all its worthwhile information.  Like many bloggers, I’m curious to know what terms and phrases people use to find my site.   And, like many bloggers, I never cease to be amazed at what people are actually looking for…and why that search would point to me.  Anywhoooo….

As you’d expect, some phrases are obvious:

“Spiritual Drift” is #4.  Along with…
“spiritual quotes” at #6 and,
“spiritual drifting” #7.

I used a Francis Chan quote one time (one time!) for a Photo Friday piece and “Francis Chan quotes” rose to #2.

“How to piss off a Christian” is my #1 term (well, okay, #1 AND [as “Christians”], #3).  I’m so, um, proud.    Go ahead, Google the phrase, I’ll wait…..see, I’m the number one result!  Infamy!  Yay, me….I guess.  (Actually, throughout my search terms, there’s variations of this theme a half a dozen times or more.  That’s a LOT to be pissed off about!)

Now, “worst bikini bodies” (#10) throws me a little.

As does, “man’s hand and baby legs” (#22).  I don’t even want to KNOW what they were actually looking for.

“Dear god im (sic) miserable” (#33) got several returns, so I’m actually kind of glad they did find me.  Hope I helped.

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The Great Adventure

Well . . . today begins the first day of the Great Adventure for myself, my wife and my family.  Last Thursday was my last official day at a job I’ve held for almost exactly ten years. (Plus, I took the weekend off.) My wife has been a stay-at-home mom for almost exactly two years. Yes kids, this means at the end of next week, we officially no longer have any source of income to draw on for the household.

Why, you may ask?

I blame Francis Chan.

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Just 20 Seconds (borrowed from Randy Bohlender)

I ran across this post from Randy Bohlender this morning and I thought it was excellent.  I thought about trying to rewrite it into my own words but, hey, you can’t improve on perfection.  If you like it too, he’s worth a follow at http://randybohlender.com/

Thanks Randy . . .

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