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Fear, Anger, Thinking for the Masses, and Thinking for Ourselves

I was in a “discussion” with a friend a while ago.  I put “discussion” in quotes because, to my layman’s knowledge of discourse, it wasn’t so much a discussion as that I was being discussed at.  Vehemently.  On politics.

I know, I know . . .

My friend’s wife actually left about halfway through our “discussion”, taking their son home from our dinner and making her husband eventually walk.  She texted her apologies and embarrassment to us (while he was still here) and yet, I was never really upset about any of it.  Saddened but not upset.

The main thing that made me sad—and I didn’t get to thinking about it so much until a couple of days later—it’s when I realized; I know exactly where he stands politically, but he has no idea where I stand.  He knows where he thinks I stand.  But the questions I was asking him had nothing to do with any position I may or may not have held so much as trying to get him to explain his.

It gives me a whole new wonder about the rhetoric behind political and/or religious arguments: For pretty much the same reason. (And let me say, that the rest of this post has nothing to do with my friend, whom I love very much.  It’s much more a wider thought on the general discourse of politics and religion in our country today.)

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An Inside Look at Home Groups {posted through RLM}

Yay! I am now “published” beyond the wall of the WordPress.com blogosphere!  This is a post I wrote for Real Life Ministries Church Training and Development website.  I was asked to write on the perspective of  “members of Real Life . . . from the point of view of a small group attender – what a small group looks like from the inside . . . and how Jesus plan for relationships plays out in that venue.”

So, with that in mind, I give you my first “outside” published post . . .

Ahh, small groups (a.k.a. home groups, bible-study groups, life groups, community encounters, etc. etc.)  Those little microcosms of Christian society that gather on a semi-regular basis for everything from fellowship, to scripture study, local area missions, and “that thing I gotta go to with my wife on Wednesday nights, *sigh* (Doesn’t she realize, that’s UFC night??!!)”

Yeah, that thing.

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The Importance of Relationship

Let me preface this by saying that my former coworkers at Barnes & Noble are probably going to take issue with this.  So, I apologize in advance.  But, this is just something I’ve come to realize over the last several weeks/months.

Something that’s struck me hardest since my departure from work last January is the growing importance of relationships in my life.  I’ve been fortunate to reconnect in a huge way with my family, especially my young, easily impressionable, increasingly independent, ten-year-old son.  I’ve begun to develop friendships and relations within my small group; one we’ve been attending for, sheesh has it been six months now??

Relationships. Love.  Acts 2.  It’s all become a huge influence to me; on me.

Then, I think back over the time I spent with my last employer, the last ten years of my life . . .

What do I have to show for it?

Well . . . we’re living off some semblance of savings that I’d been able to accrue.  And, the wage was nice. The health insurance was helpful, while we had it.  Roof over our heads, and all that.  But what about relationships? Continue reading The Importance of Relationship

The Four Most Important Words I’ve Learned

There are four words fast becoming the most important, significant lesson I’ve ever read, seen, heard, what-have-you, up to this point in the non-stop roller coaster called life:  Whether it be in regards to living, loving, spirituality, relationship or anything else.  These words don’t come directly out of the Bible, or from the mouths of  some wise sage or new age guru, yet everything that’s been taught, written or spoken within or by any of them can be summed up in these four words:

It’s not about you!

Meditate on those for awhile; in any situation, any relationship, any exchange you’re dealing with, and see if it doesn’t change your life.

If it’s too hard to do, if it hurts, makes you angry, makes you think “No, no, no, this person doesn’t understand . . .”, take a step back.  Check your own motives, check your pride, curb your ego.  Maybe its not them . . .

Maybe it is, in fact, you.

Then, think again . . .

It’s not about you!

Don’t think, “It may not be . . .”, “It might not . . . “, “This time it’s not . . .”


It’s NOT about you.  Pure.  Simple.  Non-negotiable.

Have a great day!