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Riding Out The Dust Storm of a Future

dust storm

I was in one of those odd dream-states the other morning where it’s too early to wake up yet you’re not really falling back to sleep.  I call it Four-in-the-morning.  I began thinking about the future—a semi-regular occurrence during these early morning fits of restlessness.

A picture came to mind of standing in an open field, like a desert, and the future being this huge, billowing, undulating dust storm off in the distance.  You know; one of those endlessly high and wide, ominous walls, writhing and churning, hiding everything behind it in thick darkness.  To be honest, was the odd sensation that my first instinct was to run towards it; to become engulfed and see what was in it, and what lies beyond, so restless have I been about the future.

But on second thought I held fast.  I hadn’t even taken time to look around at where I was, at what may be laying right here in my immediate surroundings.  Besides, like any typical dust storm, it would make its way to me eventually.  Why rush it?   The future will inevitably come. Continue reading Riding Out The Dust Storm of a Future