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World Vision, Hobby Lobby, NOAH, and the desire to remain silent.

I know, I know, I’ve been rather silent these last couple weeks and, as a Christian, it’s been a rather interesting time to remain silent. But here’s the thing: I’ve read A LOT of rhetoric on both sides of the fence regarding several of these hotbutton issues and I’ve come to one conclusion:

I have nothing to add to the conversation…on either side.

Or maybe, more accurately, as Jen Hatmaker put it:

“Every article, regardless of its position for or against, is the same. The support arguments; same. The rebuttals; same. The circular thinking; same. The responses are fully expended, (and in the end) we discover we are at the same impasse.”

Or even as T.E. Hanna wrote regarding the World Vision backlash:

“It is a sad day in Christendom, no matter where you stand on the issue…I am not suggesting that we abandon what we hold as ethics, or that we celebrate something that we disagree with. However, I remind the people of God that the enemy works through distraction, by leading us to fixate on things which rob us of our ability to be effective for the Kingdom of God. And this past week, it was a very successful tactic.”

Regardless of where you stand on the World Vision debacle, on contraception and the ACA, on the biblical foundation or abandonment of a Hollywood movie, the true question we all need to ask ourselves is this:

Are we being distracted from keeping the main thing the main thing?

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