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Rabbit Trails

We have a consistent habit in our small group of veering off-topic with discussions.  One of the leaders calls it “going down a rabbit trail”.  I’ve seen it happen in business meetings, family gatherings, self-help groups and on and on.

It’s fun, frustrating, enlightening, maddening and–at least within our group–inevitable.

But is it a bad thing?

It can be, of course, if all everyone ends up discussing is everyone else’s topic du jour.  After all, that wasn’t the purpose of getting together in the first place.

Or was it?  And, who’s purpose are we talking about here?

If you’re talking about the original intent of the gathering, the “Hey, we need to get together and go over this” topic, than . . . probably not.  After all, meetings need agendas.  Discussion groups need themes.  It’s all about maintaining focus and momentum, and those are definitely good things.

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