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A Place Called Humility

A Winter sunset from my back deck

I’ve been in a very uncomfortable place these last several days.

A place on the outskirts of Thankfulness, within the suburbs of Gratefulness, and smack in the middle of . . . Humility.

You see, I recently left my job in the wild jungles of retail, where I’d been entrenched for the last ten years.  (The details of which I’ll get into at another time.)  I expected a lot of things upon my leaving.  Worry, relief, fear, happiness, guilt and excitement to name a few.

What I didn’t expect was the level of love, kindness and gratitude I received from my coworkers over the last days of my work.  Continue reading A Place Called Humility


A Simple Yes or No

I was going over a conversation that I had with our home group the other day. I had been saying how it seemed to me that time at my current job was coming to an end and I was being asked (shoved, really) to move on. Move on to what, I wasn’t sure, but it just felt strongly that I was “done” in my current position.

“Maybe it’s time to quit,” came the general consensus of the group.

“Quit to what is my problem,” I answered, “I have no prospects, not even any leads.”

“But if you’re being called away from your current position,” they reasoned, “then God’s asking you for a reason. He may not even reveal the reason or direction until you take that first step of faith. And then, even if you’re reading it wrong, He’ll take care of you anyway. That’s his promise to you.”

I thought about that for a moment and gave what I thought at the time was my honest reply.

“I don’t know if I have that much faith.”
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