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Thank you for putting the Drifter Series into the Amazon Kindle top 30 in Mystery/Suspense books for only the 2nd time since the series’ debut!!

Drifter Series Book 5 comes out this February. Get caught up on the rest of the series with the first 4 books ON SALE NOW THROUGH CHRISTMAS FOR ONLY .99 !!

AND…The 1st in the Series, “The Path of Judgment” is FREE, thru the 23rd!

Check out my Amazon Author page here for all titles available….
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(Yes, the books on the Author page list at $2.99. Simply click on one of the titles you are interested in, and the correct price will show on that book’s info page.)

The Print and E-book Version of “In the Path of Judgment” ~ Now Available on Kent’s Author Page!

Thank you all for your continued support and words of encouragment! To those who have already purchased “Judgment”, please feel free (and encouraged) to leave a review on Amazon! For those still considering purchasing the book, both the print and e-book versions are available through my author site located here:


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Releasing “In the Path of Judgment” ~ My New Book: It’s Finally Here!!

Today is the day I make a shameless plea to all my Spiritual Drift readers…and everyone else within ear (or eye) shot. My first novel of Christian suspense, “In the Path of Judgment” is released in e-book form TODAY!  I ask all of you, my faithful, and casual, readers and my online, blogging friends, to visit the link below and consider picking up a copy of my work for the paltry sum of $2.99.  A print version will also be released shortly, hopefully within the next week, and will be available as well for $14.99.
Please help me to get this new found love of a career kick-started and off in the right direction. I won’t continue to badger you for sales, but I am making this one shameless plea to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CONSIDER BUYING MY BOOK!!
You can purchase it from Amazon here…..

In the Path of Judgment with author - small

Okay….end of shameless plea.
Thank you all for the kind words of support and encouragement throughout this process!
~ Kent