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Worm Carcasses {and Other Weird Things I Think About While Walking}

As I was out for a walk today, I came across what can only be described as a worm graveyard: A stretch of sidewalk about 100 yards long, littered on both sides with dried worm carcasses. (and surprisingly taste like jerky.*)

What a miserable existence.  Overrun in your own home by an essential element of life, slithering your little invertebrate body to a supposed safety only to escape the torrent and be charred to a crisp over a matter of time by the withdrawal, the denial, of that very same element.

Too much or too little.

Oh sure, there were a few sluggish hangers-on strewn amongst the carnage; probably wondering why all these huge feet keep walking by not bothering to take pity on a lowly worm and kick him back to the cool of the morning grass; or searching for their lost friends and wondering why they’re surrounded by all these tiny brown shoelaces.

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The Three Most Convincing Words I’ve Heard From a Christian

It’s been a struggle over the last several weeks.  I seem to have taken on the self-appointed task of trying to “explain” God to various people—those that have a relationship with Him, and those who don’t even feel He exists.

Then, just the other day, I listened to a radio preacher who was explaining a certain . . . I don’t even remember what it was . . . but his answer was so concise, so dead-on accurate,  so true to my own feelings that I just got goose bumps.  Chills ran up and down my spine.  The light bulb went on.

That was it!  Those were the three words I’d been searching for.  Well no, not searching for–I already knew them in my heart but never felt comfortable in saying them out loud.  Yet here he was.  This learned man of God.  Ordained in scripture and teaching.  Saying the very words I had been too afraid to utter myself.

Are you ready?  You sure??  You’re gonna want to post these words on Facebook!  Tweet them to all your followers! IM all your friends.

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Does God Send People to Hell?

I’ve been having some great dialog lately, both personally and on-line, with people from all over the country, believers and non-believers alike.  I’ve appreciated each and every opportunity and as I told one such person, “Throughout our exchanges you’ve given me a lot of great ideas, and sent me into a lot of research and soul-searching (for lack of a better term) about my beliefs and faith.”

At one point, I flat out asked someone who I guess you would call highly skeptical, even atheistic, what it was about Jesus’ teachings that is the sticking point?  I mean, pretty much every person far from God, even those who claim not to believe in Him, say, “I’m a good person. I try to be fair, be honest.  I’m good to those around me. I try not to hurt anybody and leave the world a better place than when I came into it.  And that’s good enough for me.”  Well, you’ve just described a majority of Christ’s teachings . . . what’s the hang-up?

Here’s a consensus of the answers I received:

“If there is one thing about Jesus’ teachings that turns people off, I’d have to say it’s Hell.  You don’t really find Hell in the OT — Jesus is the first to bring that on the scene …”

Along with:

“…and in the NT, he supposedly sends non-believers to an eternal torture chamber.”

These are excellent points, and I’ve written what I personally think about hell (“On Hell”) in my “A Little More Thought” area, but I’ll take these one at a time and expand a little bit here. Continue reading Does God Send People to Hell?

Faith in the Faithless & Belief in the Unbeliever

Now I’ve done it! I’ve crossed over to the dark side.  I have consorted, nay, freely conversed with and connected to, the enemy!  I have reached a hand across the aisle and befriended one of . . . . them!

I have recently begun following the blog of . . .

An Atheist!!!!

I think he was more surprised than anyone.

“I’m a little surprised you signed up for my blog, but I guess that just goes to prove you have an open mind and, as you wrote, are willing to hear both voices. I hope I have something of interest for you to read from time to time. Thanks for being willing to think about it. Cheers . . .”

Well, I don’t know as much of an “open” or “closed” mind so much as I have a willingness to learn.  I don’t have all the answers; I don’t profess to.  I never will.  What I have is a desire to find out “why?”

More often than not, having a conversation with someone of another faith, or someone of “non”-faith, sends me running back to my Bible; constantly checking my own beliefs, reaffirming the tenets of my own faith, making sure in my own mind that my understanding of God and His Word are grounded in reality and not in some flight of fancy; of what I want to be true.

Any atheist worth his/her salt would just shrug and go . . . good!

It’s when the conversation stops being about belief that I lose interest.  Continue reading Faith in the Faithless & Belief in the Unbeliever