Hi, I’m Kent. I’m an author as well as a blogger, dreamer, and occasional retail sales associate.head shot 2

My books run the gamut from Epic Fantasy (Age of Awakening) to Christian Suspense (Drifter Series), with some personally touching non-fiction and straight-up fiction waiting in the wings.

A little more about me?

I used to brew beer for a living. Well…not so much for a living. I owned a brewery/pub at one time in a previous life. I didn’t make a dime. I made beer, and burgers, and steak, and a killer Po’boy. And now, almost fifteen years on, I can’t remember any of the recipes! Argh!

I have tinnitus; a constant ringing in my ears, which isn’t as debilitating as some cases can be; mine’s just annoying. Occasionally there’s also this little tiny man in my left ear with a little tiny triangle and every once in a while he goes, “ding!” just to add a whole new level of annoyance to the situation. What fun! I also used to play air guitar which is what I think may have led to the tinnitus.

When I grow up I want to be Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker all rolled into one, (’cause, ya know, it’s good to have goals!). In addition to Peretti and Dekker, my writing influences include Lee Child & Stephen King (his “On Writing” should be the textbook for any master-class writing course) for crafting suspense and tension, and maybe a little Christopher Moore for humor and a smidge of C.S. Lewis for a firm, matter-of-fact, grounding in faith.

In general, I’m a sucker for characters that say and do the things we’re all thinking of but don’t necessarily have the gumption or nerve to act on…or maybe the wisdom to know better. Ha!

I enjoy writings, TV shows, movies, and conversations which require me to think, beg me to question, or compel me to wonder. After all, questioning is never a bad thing, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Tension in your faith walk is natural, and should be expected, never shunned. The desire for knowledge should be applauded and pursued with gusto. And if, in any way, I can further someone’s pursuit of truth (or Truth) within something I’ve written, than I have done my job.

Thanks for reading. Please consider leaving a review on Amazon of something of mine you’ve read. The good ones help with sales. The bad ones help with sales too, but also help me grow as a writer. The ones you don’t leave don’t do anything. For anybody. Ever.

Talk to me, even if you disagree! I'd love to hear your comments!

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The spiritual life and random musings of a part-time novelist and Spiritual Drifter…"the trouble is not with the law, for the law is spiritual and good. The trouble is with me, for I am all too human…"

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