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How is this, in ANY way, Making America Great?

We are creating a nation of “us” vs. “them”; of leftist elites and conservative Bible-thumpers; of West Coast liberals and the common man of the “fly over” states; of those who “resist” and those who hold to the “clenched fist of truth”.
Whoever the “they” is… (Look no further than this latest NRA ad.)

We are creating a nation whose government is telling its citizens to distrust the media, ALL media (except one), those entrusted to being the watchdogs of our society, the 4th estate.

And the touchstone of it all this is this man. THIS man. Our president. A man who thinks tweets like this are okay, funny and, I suppose, necessary, all while simultaneously holding the highest position of our nation.

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On the Author Side of Things: My Newest Fantasy is Now Out!

JUST RELEASED: The 2nd in my epic fantasy series Age of Awakening, “In the Image of Gods”. Here’s a link to check it out!

In the Image of Gods - small

ALSO, as a bonus, the 1st in the series, “Brynewielm’s Passage” is only .99 (that’s $2 off!) through Friday, and then only $1.99 until Monday. Here’s the link to that book!

Cover Image - large - Copy

I know neither of these were necessarily spiritually related, but they were a lot of fun to write. 🙂 Check ’em out!


Plague of Grace sm“The Plague of Grace”, the 2nd book in Kent Roberts’ exciting Drifter Series, is FREE
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