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New Directions, and the Return (Once Again) to the Blogosphere

directionsI’ve been thinking about some new directions for Spiritual Drift (my faith-based blog site) for some time now. I’ve grown rather silent once again in the blogosphere, though my mind continues to buzz with thoughts on a variety of topics.

I’ve been kind of hesitant (gun shy?) about putting any of these thoughts “out there”, whether in the blogosphere or anywhere else on social media, as I have always truly felt there’s no form of effective conversation to be had from the back side of a keyboard. Even so, I also feel there are certain issues that can be addressed, and addressed effectively, to foster or stimulate some type of meaningful conversation face-to-face between people; whether I’m a part of the discussion or merely a flint that sparks discussion within your own circles.

Overall, for some strange reason, it simply hasn’t felt “right” not to throw my two-cents worth into the ring Continue reading New Directions, and the Return (Once Again) to the Blogosphere

On the Author Side of Things: My Newest Fantasy is Now Out!

JUST RELEASED: The 2nd in my epic fantasy series Age of Awakening, “In the Image of Gods”. Here’s a link to check it out!

In the Image of Gods - small

ALSO, as a bonus, the 1st in the series, “Brynewielm’s Passage” is only .99 (that’s $2 off!) through Friday, and then only $1.99 until Monday. Here’s the link to that book!

Cover Image - large - Copy

I know neither of these were necessarily spiritually related, but they were a lot of fun to write. 🙂 Check ’em out!

An Interesting Article, Furthering the Conversation on Addiction

I thought this was an interesting article, knowing from personal experience that an explanation of ‘choice’ is just too simplistic. The research is ongoing, but it is enlightening, to me, that we are beginning to understand the social and psychological effects behind addiction.