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My brother-in-law asked an intriguing philosophical question the last time he was here.  “Do you have to go to church in order to go to be saved?”

I thought it was a great question.  Of course, the pizzas were just coming out of the oven, and the Kansas/Ohio State game was just getting underway, so it never did get explored in any detail.  Never really got answered at all, honestly.  But I still thought it was a great question nonetheless.

It actually got me thinking of another one, ironically while I was sitting in church this past Sunday: “What exactly IS ‘church’?”

Is it that place we (who actually go) spend our hour+ each weekend so we can say with self-righteous authority, “We’re Christians!!”?  (Sorry, the cynical side of me had to get that one out.)  Is it a place we go to get fellowship, give worship, submit to Lordship?  Is it a building?  A meeting of fellow “believers” (Acts 2, anybody?)

What exactly is this thing called “church”?

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Aahhh, All Better Now

Well, it seems the writer’s block has passed.

Apparently I was trying to make a character into something he was not supposed to be.  The more I pressed him in that direction, the harder it got to write “around” him, bringing the character and the whole story alive.  The minute I stopped, took him back to how he was originally, what he was meant to be, the direction he was supposed to go, the log jam cleared and I went off and wrote as much in two days as I had in the previous two weeks.

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Life (part two) So Far . . . an Update

I must apologize for the inconsistency in my writing lately; both in frequency and content.  My focus for the last several weeks has been on a couple different projects, one of which is a fiction manuscript called “ReFoRMation”: a work in progress, ten+ years in the making.  This book is one that was originally written over ten years ago and then placed on the shelf of forgotten dreams while I pursued what I thought at the time was the responsibility of a “real job”.

It actually took stepping away from what most would consider a responsible life to realize that the word “responsibility” has many different, shifting meanings.

Responsible to what?

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