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A New Page {Getting By With a Little Help From Your Friends}

I’ve got a new page on Spiritual Drift.  This is a page dedicated to anyone wanting or needing prayer for the current circumstances in their lives AND/OR a place to come and be a prayer warrior for someone else. {Special thanks to Susie @ SPTP2011 for the initial idea!}

We all know there are times in life when you need blessing just as there are times in life you’ve been abundantly blessed.  Here’s your chance to ask.  Here’s your chance to pass it on.

Share only as much as you’re comfortable with.  Or, just say, “Hey, I need some prayers!”

After all, isn’t that what we’re here for?

What good is being a Christ follower if we don’t actually follow Christ??

If you’re in need, ask.

If you’re in abundance, give. {Even a simple “praying” will do . . . as long as you actually do it 🙂 }

Please, take a moment to lighten your burden.  Take a moment to help those in need!

Here’s the link: Prayer Requests

Faith in the Faithless & Belief in the Unbeliever

Now I’ve done it! I’ve crossed over to the dark side.  I have consorted, nay, freely conversed with and connected to, the enemy!  I have reached a hand across the aisle and befriended one of . . . . them!

I have recently begun following the blog of . . .

An Atheist!!!!

I think he was more surprised than anyone.

“I’m a little surprised you signed up for my blog, but I guess that just goes to prove you have an open mind and, as you wrote, are willing to hear both voices. I hope I have something of interest for you to read from time to time. Thanks for being willing to think about it. Cheers . . .”

Well, I don’t know as much of an “open” or “closed” mind so much as I have a willingness to learn.  I don’t have all the answers; I don’t profess to.  I never will.  What I have is a desire to find out “why?”

More often than not, having a conversation with someone of another faith, or someone of “non”-faith, sends me running back to my Bible; constantly checking my own beliefs, reaffirming the tenets of my own faith, making sure in my own mind that my understanding of God and His Word are grounded in reality and not in some flight of fancy; of what I want to be true.

Any atheist worth his/her salt would just shrug and go . . . good!

It’s when the conversation stops being about belief that I lose interest.  Continue reading Faith in the Faithless & Belief in the Unbeliever

The Four Most Important Words I’ve Learned

There are four words fast becoming the most important, significant lesson I’ve ever read, seen, heard, what-have-you, up to this point in the non-stop roller coaster called life:  Whether it be in regards to living, loving, spirituality, relationship or anything else.  These words don’t come directly out of the Bible, or from the mouths of  some wise sage or new age guru, yet everything that’s been taught, written or spoken within or by any of them can be summed up in these four words:

It’s not about you!

Meditate on those for awhile; in any situation, any relationship, any exchange you’re dealing with, and see if it doesn’t change your life.

If it’s too hard to do, if it hurts, makes you angry, makes you think “No, no, no, this person doesn’t understand . . .”, take a step back.  Check your own motives, check your pride, curb your ego.  Maybe its not them . . .

Maybe it is, in fact, you.

Then, think again . . .

It’s not about you!

Don’t think, “It may not be . . .”, “It might not . . . “, “This time it’s not . . .”


It’s NOT about you.  Pure.  Simple.  Non-negotiable.

Have a great day!

Steps & Goals {A Lesson in Patience}

Photo Credit: Anna Cervova. Public Domain.

Father O’Doyle  opens his well-worn book of sermons, scans the pages slowly with glasses perched perilously on his nose as if the slightest nod would send them tumbling onto the pulpit.  His finger, bent with age and arthritis, traces back and forth the various lines of old text.  Finally finding his place he clears his throat, which resounds loudly, like rolling thunder, echoing throughout the packed cathedral.

“The Lord,” he rasps, “does not grant thee patience.”

“Only granting thee thine opportunity in practicing patience”, the congregation answers in a well rehearsed call-and-response.

“For if He doth . . . ,” the father continues.

“Thou shalt not learn patience”, the crowd answers, “Thou shalt only learn thy art of whining and sniveling until thee gettith thine own way.”

“Though when patience is practiced . . . ith”

“Thou shalt not only learn patience,” drones the congregation, “but grace as well.  Or shalt thee learn how to reinsert thine own eye into thine socket after the blood pressure of thee hath rendered it asunder.”

“Amen,” the old man croaks, “Here endeth the lesson.”


Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Guess what I’m learning this week??!! Continue reading Steps & Goals {A Lesson in Patience}