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What Would You Do . . .

What would you do for money?
Okay, silly question, sorry . . . what wouldn’t you do for money?
Could you spend X amount of time with people you “hate”? Or people that hated you? Would you be willing to spend time with sick people? The disabled?  Drug addicts? Or live under a bridge for months? Years?

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Guy and I have been traveling a similar path these last couple of months and this post really hit home for me. There are times it’s hard for me to see the work God is doing in my life, yet easy to see His handiwork in those around me. God is a good God, and I’m slowly learning His plan and (more importantly) His timing. Bless you Wolfepack!!

Holy Ghost Bumps

With all do respect to BA, Face, and Murdock, God’s plan is head and shoulders above ANY plan that Hannibal could come up with.  Let me give you an example…

The past three days have been AMAZING!  Our church hosted something called Illuminate, where Dean Sikes (, Anthony Evans ( and Obe and Amber ( joined us for a kind of mini-revival.  I’ve mentioned Dean in another post (In The Beginning…God Created This Blog), and I credit him for being the medium…art term not psychic… God used to move me to write.  I encourage everyone to check out Anthony Evans and Obe and Amber.  Their music is truly God-inspired, and you’ll be blessed for the listening.  Anthony is going to be on NBC’s “The Voice” after the Superbowl…just saying :).

Back to illuminate.  These people we brought to our little corner of South Georgia…

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When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

What do you do when your best isn’t good enough? Do you dig in and try harder next time? I mean really, how do you improve on your “best”? Do you cave in and say, “Why even try?” Do you shrug in indifference and walk it off like some minor injury on the sports field, like a twisted ankle?

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The Great Adventure

Well . . . today begins the first day of the Great Adventure for myself, my wife and my family.  Last Thursday was my last official day at a job I’ve held for almost exactly ten years. (Plus, I took the weekend off.) My wife has been a stay-at-home mom for almost exactly two years. Yes kids, this means at the end of next week, we officially no longer have any source of income to draw on for the household.

Why, you may ask?

I blame Francis Chan.

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