Plans? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Plans!

Well, with my last post I kinda gave y’all an idea of where my head was at for 2018. Now I thought I’d lay out a few of my plans, such as they are.
I know, I know, plans, especially those created at the first of the year, look an awful lot like new years’ resolutions, complete with the prompt forgetting about them within a matter of weeks. I won’t lie, these may be among those too, but for what they’re worth, here’s what I’ve got in store for the coming year. (BTW, in telling you this, it makes you all accountability partners to ensure my success. :-\ Fun, huh?!)
1) First and foremost, a thorough revamping of this website of mine, Spiritual Drift.
I’m planning to revisit each and every post I’ve done over the past years—yes, all 400+ of them—taking most of them down quite honestly, and reworking/updating the remainder. I like to think of what I’ve written over the past to be a pathway of growth, with signposts and trip hazards and so on firmly in place. But some of these, to be totally honest, are downright embarrassing. I was not a happy camper at times. I don’t hold nearly the same beliefs that some of these earliest posts espouse, and I don’t want anyone getting the impression that that early me is still, well, me.
2) I plan to get back into fiction writing, this time with an entirely new direction. It’s not that I’m not proud of my Drifter Series, but those books reflect a time, and faith, that I’m not sure I entirely adhere to nowadays. Further, I would even love to rewrite the entire series without a lot of the inherent ‘spirituality’ that it looks (at least to me) as though I kinda shoehorned in. I love the whole spiritual warfare aspect, don’t get me wrong, and my angels and demons are likely to play a significant role in some future writings somewhere down the road. But, most importantly, I want to see if I can tell y’all a good story. I’ve already got a couple rough sketches and outlines. We’ll see where they lead.
3) With that in mind, I’m also considering creating an entirely new website, separate from the musings I do here on Spiritual Drift. I still feel SD serves a useful purpose. But even within that, this whole Christian writer thing, especially the more progressive/left-leaning side of it all, is a very small, niche market. I love you all, and I love writing for/with you all. But when I started this thing, I felt I could somehow “make a difference” with what I had to say, adding my voice to what was, even then, a small but growing chorus of “resistance” to what I was seeing in the world, and especially within the Christian/Evangelical world. I wasn’t. And it isn’t some “woe is me” attitude of taking my keyboard and going home. But my attitude is kind of changing from writing what I feel I need to write, to writing what I want to write. And, at the moment, what I want to write has nothing to do with my, or anyone else’s, spirituality. At least in long-form. Who knows, I may finish this post and then suddenly be flooded with inspirational fodder for future SD posts, three or four times a week. It’s never happened before, but hey, it could.
4) Finally, I’m not going to let the pressure of writing, any writing, dictate my moods, emotions, or attitudes, in any other area of my life. And I guess that sums up what had been happening toward the end of 2016, and why I hadn’t written, well, anything in 2017. I wasn’t thrilled with what I’d been writing (and, no, none of it got published), and I wasn’t thrilled with who I was becoming around my family, my friends, my day job, by putting myself under such self-manufactured pressure. That’s why…
5) None of this might happen. I’m not sweating the small stuff anymore. Or the big stuff. Like I said in my last post, my mindset this year is focused on gratefulness, grace, and thankfulness. Gratefulness of all I and my family have been blessed with throughout our lives. Grace for those things we can’t accomplish and those things we can’t change. And thankfulness for the things we can.

Thank you all for sticking with me throughout this ride. See you down the road.
Love, Kent

One thought on “Plans? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Plans!”

  1. I especially liked your #5, Kent. You can’t go wrong with a focus on gratitude and grace. I do hope you will occasionally continue to write about spiritual issues. I feel your yearning for greater light and understanding, and also your frustrations with world conditions. You have a lot to share and I am grateful to you for sharing it!

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