How is this, in ANY way, Making America Great?

We are creating a nation of “us” vs. “them”; of leftist elites and conservative Bible-thumpers; of West Coast liberals and the common man of the “fly over” states; of those who “resist” and those who hold to the “clenched fist of truth”.
Whoever the “they” is… (Look no further than this latest NRA ad.)

We are creating a nation whose government is telling its citizens to distrust the media, ALL media (except one), those entrusted to being the watchdogs of our society, the 4th estate.

And the touchstone of it all this is this man. THIS man. Our president. A man who thinks tweets like this are okay, funny and, I suppose, necessary, all while simultaneously holding the highest position of our nation.

We are entering dangerous new territory in our nation’s history. Setting aside the healthcare debate, the Russian involvement debate, the immigration debate, and a host of other issues, the mere presence of this bullying, misogynistic mindset (I can think of no other word for it), and the fact that a significant number of our population is okay and even supportive of this, of him, is mindboggling.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t think Trump is this stupid. I think he is incredibly calculating and knows exactly what he is doing by sending out inflammatory tweets like these. I think the NRA knows exactly what it is doing by sending out an ad that comes just shy of calling for a militant stance, even an out-and-out civil war against .

We are INTENTIONALLY creating a nation of “us” vs. “them”; a cultural and philosophical divide that is widening with each passing day and each passing tweet. And the touchstone, the instigator, of all this is this man. THIS man.

Yes, we’ve had this divide for some time, and yes, there have been fundamental differences in thinking ever since there have been people. But rarely have they been to this, dangerous, flammable, almost irreversible level.  And we, as a nation, are suffering for it.

Until we are willing, each and every one of us, Trump supporters and Trump haters, Republicans and Democrats, Christians and Muslims, gun owners and gun loathers, Blacks, browns, whites, reds, blues, greens, and purples, until such time as we can see what our nation is becoming–BY DESIGN–we will be, and remain, the worse for it.

We can only lose. We will lose the high ground (if it is not already gone). We will lose our dignity. We will lose our self-respect, and the respect of the world. We will lose our morality. We will lose support. We will lose the world. And we will lose ourselves.

How is this, in any way, making America great?

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