Dammit, This is Not how we Make America Great Again

2 stabbed to death, 1 injured on Portland train by man hurling racial slurs

Source: 2 stabbed to death, 1 injured on Portland train by man hurling r – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather KHQ.com

Christians, Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, Americans…My God people, when is this going to be enough??

I mourn for the families of those who tried to stand in the way of injustice and bigotry. I also mourn for the family of the man who stands at the heart of this tragedy, who belittled those women, who convinced himself it was okay to take the lives of those who tried to stand up against him.

Something was wrong within him, and something is wrong within all of us who allow this to continue to happen, and who remain silent in the aftermath of such horror.

35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian was booked on charges of Aggravated Murder (two counts), Attempted Murder, Intimidation in the Second Degree (two counts), and Felon in Possession of a Restricted Weapon.

This is the face of fear.

This is the face of cowardice.

Now, look in the mirror–those who remain silent, and those who self-righteously defend such heinous actions against “different”; whether your defense comes from the bully pulpit, or in the silent sniggers and elbow jabs between fellow “believers”–is your face any different?

Muslims are not the enemy. Headdresses and brown skin and middle-eastern accents are not the enemy.

Oh, we have an enemy. And he’s laughing in the face of our God who we’re supposedly acting on, defending, or upholding. How soon we forget that he doesn’t have the last word, he doesn’t win. And how small must our God appear who needs defending in such evil ways?

We need to do better. For our faith. For our politcs. For our country. And, for our future. America deserves better. The world demands better. And God mourns.

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