Of street preachers and racing semis

Vigilant Christian

I’ve seen this meme posted over the recent past by more than a few well-meaning Christians. And, it got me to thinking: Is this really how we, as believers, see ourselves? How we see the world? How we see God’s judgment?

If so…that’s really sad!

First of all, how stereotypical is it to have the Jesus guy on the side of the road with a bullhorn and a placard. I mean really? How apocalyptic street preacher can you get?

Secondly, why a semi? Is God supposed to be driving? Is Jesus? What do you see through the windshield? What’s His mindset? What’s His facial expression as He approaches this guy? Do you see glee? Satisfaction? Sadness? And, if sadness, why? Is that truly God’s face we’re seeing through the glass, or might it be a reflection of our own?

But my main thought was this: Why isn’t street preacher dropping his bullhorn, throwing off his placard, AND GOING OUT TO GET THE GUY!!???

I mean, it’s not like street preacher is going to get hit, right? RIGHT?? God wouldn’t run down one of His own, would He? Or, could that be what we’re (even a little) worried about? How’s our own reaction time when faced with an eighteen-wheeler full of God’s judgment barreling down on us at full speed? Doesn’t wielding a bull horn, carrying a placard, and yelling about sin and judgment from the side of the road seem relatively safe by comparison.


Are we, as believers, worried about whether we’ll be hit by a speeding semi of wrath? Or are we worried about what the view would look like from the street? Are we worried that there could be old gum (in the form of addiction), or food wrappers (buried anger), or oil stains (relational pain) and gravel bits (sin issues) that might get our shoes (public image) and pant legs (religiosity) dirty?

Even worse, might we possibly be in fear of what the other street preachers standing on the side of the road would think of us if we stepped off? What would they think anyway? Would we be seen as crazy? Stupid? Sinful?

Or, saviors?

Talk to me, even if you disagree! I'd love to hear your comments!

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