How to Teach One Another as Jesus Taught

DUFrontCoverFinal 2“Jesus was all about bringing people into relationship with Himself, and He was all about compassion for the hurting and mercy for the sinful, but He also pulled no punches when it came to the role, and the cost, of those who chose to follow Him. To use a fishing analogy, most churches today cast a wide net that can potentially “catch” the interest of a good many people, but inevitably the congregation seldom bothers to venture beyond the shallow water of where they were first caught.

What Jesus asks us to do is to abide in Him, and in each other, through intentional connection and relational discipleship. This is what Jesus calls for in Matthew 28 and can be seen through the actions of His disciples in the first chapters of Acts—intentional connection through relational discipleship.

Somewhere along the way we, as a corporate body called “the church,” have lost the definition of how to teach one another as Jesus taught—through both compassion and intentional relationship. More importantly, we seemed to have forgotten how to be disciples and how to make disciples as He did it.

These are not things that the pastor needs to preach about once a week to whoever comes through the front doors of a building. These are the things that we, as Christians, are called and compelled to do every day. With everyone. This is our Great Commission if we choose to call ourselves followers of Christ.”

~ from “Disciples Unleashed”, my first venture into non-fiction, co-written with Dave Campbell, World Missions pastor for Real Life Ministries, AVAILABLE NOW FROM AMAZON.COM, PAPERBACK HERE FOR $11.99, OR E-BOOK HERE FOR $2.99!

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