All the Drifters, NOW available in paperback!

Box mockup SMALLI’m (finally) happy to announce that all four books in the popular Drifter Series are now available in paperback!  Thank you all for your patience, but that patience is finally rewarded with the release of every book in the Drifter Series now available in paperback ($13.99) as well as e-book form ($1.99-2.99).

Here’s the link to my author page on Amazon where you can find all my books, both print and ebook:


2 thoughts on “All the Drifters, NOW available in paperback!”

    1. It’s a great feeling, Nate. This is going to be a busy summer of writing for me. I have two different non-fiction books I’m currently working on, hopefully to be released by the end of June. Then I want to complete the fifth (and final) Drifter book by August. THEN, I want to tackle our combined manuscript. I still haven’t dived in to what we’ve written already. But I still believe there will be a good deal of depth and insight on both sides of this project, and some new and interesting dialog as well. Talk to you soon, my friend!

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