If You’ve Never Entered the World of The Drifter…

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Available now for a great price, all four books in the Drifter Series in one complete collection, including the just released “Book Four: The Privilege of Sin” and a newly revised “Book One: The Path of Judgment”

Here’s the synopsis from Amazon: “The first four books of the amazing Christian suspense Drifter Series by Kent Roberts. The stories run the gamut of action and emotion, carrying you through a Planned Parenthood bombing, murder, abduction, small town predjudice, drug addiction, and homelessness. Get to know Nick, Laura and Kaitlynn, as well as Philos, Suriyan, and Serana, and all the characters—human and spiritual—that make up this thrilling series of spiritual warfare.”

Four full books for only $7.99 (Or FREE if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!)  Available NOW, right here on this link.

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