The Drifter Series: Just Who IS this Drifter Anyway?

cropped-latter-drifter-reversed.jpgJust who is this “Drifter” in your Drifter Series, hmm??

I’ve had that question asked a couple different ways and, with the latest and possibly last* in the series coming out in August, I thought I’d offer my humble explanation.

The Drifter did indeed start out as a person. But over the course of the series, I’ve morphed my idea of Drifter into more of an overarching concept.

We’re ALL Drifters: all with our own peculiar questions, understandings, fears, doubts, and so on. The characters in the Drifter Series are no different. Each one encompasses an aspect of my own personal journey, my faith, and my understandings of religion as its grown since the series’ inception….

Nick Lassiter: He’s officially ‘the Drifter’. Nick is my skepticism, my doubts, my bias. He’s a loner, hurt by past tragedy and hurt by those who, while well meaning, have only entrenched him further in his suspicion and questioning of the veracity of God and religion.

Laura Grey: Laura embodies my wonder and hope of what faith can truly be. Though she’s been burned by misguided thought and understanding, she still holds out hope in the strands of learning she’s continuing to discover.

Kaitlynn Havens: One of my favorite characters. She is the embodiment of my own inevitable return to old ways and old habits, harmful as they can be. Though she often knows better, the pull of the ‘comfort’ that past habits can provide—even if temporary and fleeting, even toward destruction—can sometimes be overpowering.

The Heavenly Host: My angelic characters in all their majesty, fragility, and splendor. These are my understandings of faith and belief, of heaven and God. As you read the series, you can tell that a few of these things have shifted a bit.

The Demonic Horde: Ah, the “other side”. These are the characters that get to say all the things I’ve only thought from time to time but often know better than to say aloud.
Often but not always, heheh.
The demons (and we all have them) are the voices of my fears, my doubts, my uncertainty. And sometimes, they’re just smartasses for the fun of it. And if we’re honest, we’ve all got those. Even the smartass part.

Though Nick started out as my “Drifter” character, all of these portrayals embody some aspect of what I choose to call my Spiritual Drifting. In fact, this latest book, “The Privilege of Sin”, doesn’t have Nick in it at all (he got a pretty good outing with the last one, “The Price of Indifference”). Instead, we focus on Kaitlynn and Laura with this story, but the theme of our (mankind’s) inherent spiritual drift still rings throughout.

The Privilege of Sin: Book Four of The Drifter Series will be released in mid- to late-August. I hope you like it.

* 7/27/15: Okay, a quick addendum here…I’ve already started notes for the 5th Drifter. Apparently the muse is not going to let me back into the Fantasy realm just yet. Nick, Laura, and Kaitlynn have a bit more work to do!

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