New Directions, and the Return (Once Again) to the Blogosphere

directionsI’ve been thinking about some new directions for Spiritual Drift (my faith-based blog site) for some time now. I’ve grown rather silent once again in the blogosphere, though my mind continues to buzz with thoughts on a variety of topics.

I’ve been kind of hesitant (gun shy?) about putting any of these thoughts “out there”, whether in the blogosphere or anywhere else on social media, as I have always truly felt there’s no form of effective conversation to be had from the back side of a keyboard. Even so, I also feel there are certain issues that can be addressed, and addressed effectively, to foster or stimulate some type of meaningful conversation face-to-face between people; whether I’m a part of the discussion or merely a flint that sparks discussion within your own circles.

Overall, for some strange reason, it simply hasn’t felt “right” not to throw my two-cents worth into the ring on some aspect of a particular topic. Especially those topics that I, personally, feel passionate about.

After all, I’m a writer. I need to write.

To be sure, I’m not going to put anything out there to purposely ruffle feathers, that’s just not my style. (Anyone who truly knows me is laughing right now.) But in the past, that has been my my exact fear in not writing, commenting, or blogging: I might upset somebody.

Well, suck it up, buttercup! Some people live to be upset.

If the avenue for that writing is within a blog post, as a comment on social media, as 140 characters on Twitter, or as an 80,000 word full-fledged manuscript, then so be it.

Haters gotta hate, lovers gotta love, writers gotta write.

I don’t know when, or how, these topics will manifest themselves, or if I may end up starting a whole new website combining my writing as an author with my writing as a blogger. The two really don’t feel all that compatible at the moment, but I’m working to find a way to meld them together under one banner.

We’ll see.

Talk to y’all soon!

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

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