DO SOMETHING! – The Final (?) Post of Spiritual Drift

This could be the most important, and possibly the last, post I’ve written for Spiritual Drift. Here’s why…

So, I’ve been away from Spiritual Drift for a while, but I haven’t been inactive. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I’ve been doing a lot of railing against social media (at least in my mind).

And I’ve come to two conclusions. Maybe more, but we’ll start with two.


First of all, I believe Spiritual Drift (SD) has served its purpose. I’ve come full circle in almost three years.

SD was created as my way of serving as both documentation and cheap therapy in trying to reconcile my faith walk with my career in retail customer service, and further, as a way to reconcile how I felt about people in general.

Hint: I was a wee bit cynical. (My wife is laughing at me right now, I can tell. “Was?!!”)


All this time away from the corporate rat race has been the best, most productive, most restorative time in my life. I have reconnected to my family in ways I didn’t even know existed. I have reconnected to a church family as well and, most importantly, I have reconnected in a profound, abiding, and deeply personal way with my God and Creator.

In fact, the more I’ve strengthened these three bonds, the more I see the ills and struggles of the world (on many, many levels) which just leads me more and more to the conclusion of just how “weird” our family has grown.

It’s a good weird.

But it’s weird.

So weird, in fact, that it has led me toward the opportunity to reenter the working world in retail customer service once again.

Once more into the breach dear friends!!

This is what I mean by having come full circle.

How do I think it’s going to go? I have no idea.

One thing I do know is that I won’t be documenting my day-to-day struggles in the blogosphere. Been there done that.


The second thing I’ve concluded is that I also won’t be taking up any more armchair self-righteous stands in such hot-button areas as religion and politics within the very public arena of social media.

It’s not that I’m afraid of broaching these subjects; I just don’t care to endlessly argue about them. Nobody ever “wins”. Mostly because there is never anything to “win” in the first place, despite the overriding, irresistible urge to “be right, dammit!”

Yes, I have my beliefs. I have my stands. If you’d like to discuss them, let’s meet over coffee and we can talk about them. I’m happy to do that. Anytime.

Talk = good. Almost as good as coffee.

But creating incendiary little memes, or dropping 500-word (or 140-character) vitriolic word-turds across the various social media outlets is not my created or creative purpose; nor do I think it’s helpful or useful in any sense toward seeking resolution, building bridges, solving problems, or growing the Kingdom.

And I’m speaking to BOTH sides of the proverbial fence here.

I’m done.

I’m done writing them. I’m done reading them.

I don’t like the feeling these things create inside of me.

Anger is not a solution.


We’ve started a brief series at Real Life Ministries called “Do Something” and I’m really taking it to heart. My takeaway from these last several weeks is that, if there’s something that is really bugging the crap out of me, or something I really feel drawn to become involved in, I need to…


And posting my concern on a happy little meme with a hashtag in front of it doesn’t count. I’m still just sitting on my ass.

I feel I have two choices: either get up and do something about it, or shut up.

I saw a group of good ol’ boys on an I-90 overpass over the 4th of July weekend. They had a couple American flags waving and a big hand-made sign draped over the bridge, flying in the breeze as the cars whizzed by, that read “Impeach Obama”.

Fine. Go out, drum up support, draft the necessary petitions and legal doc’s, and impeach him. I don’t agree with you, but I support your right to do so.

But it struck me as I watched them…

They have no intention in following through with what their banner says. They’re only looking for the reaction their banner creates. They were happy either way; with cars that drove by honking in support, or with cars going by with the driver window rolled down and the middle finger extended.


That’s what they were looking for.

That’s ALL they were looking for.

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, by all these memes and all this rhetoric flying back and forth on Facebook and Twitter and within the comments sections of various news stories, that’s all MOST of us are looking for.

We’re not looking for solutions; we’re just looking to piss as many people off as possible.

We’re looking for the reaction.

And yes, I’m saying “we” and “us”.

I’ve been just as guilty as anyone else in lighting the fuse of any number of controversy bombs, stepping back and watching the fun; all along missing the larger issue, the greater point, the root problem.


But I, for one, am done.

And it’s going to be hard. I have opinions, plenty of them. I LIKE being that guy.

But I’ve decided my wife of twenty-five years, my 12-year-old son, and my 9-year-old daughter, are too important to me to have them see me acting out like that kind of person.

I want to show them better.

I want to show them, instead, that if you have a cause you are passionate about, it’s not enough to post your concern on social media, or cut-and-paste the latest right-wing or left-wing spin on hot-button issues and feel you’ve done all you can just because you’ve racked up a couple dozen “likes”.

Life doesn’t work like that. Or, at least, it shouldn’t.

Life is messy. Life is dirty.

Solutions to life’s problems requires that that mess get under your fingernails and in your pores and gets breathed deep into your lungs and ultimately infects your entire body.

Yeah, life sucks like that.

But also, along with the dirty fingernails and the scraped knees and the sweat and the tears is the incredible beauty of actually DOING SOMETHING!

I can’t wait.

But I’m also not going to post any of it on SD or FB.

Want to talk about it? Want to get involved with me? Call me, email me, text me. Hell, even send me a Facebook message. We’ll have coffee, we’ll have a beer, and we’ll have a great conversation. One of many, I hope.

Oh, I’m not leaving. I’ll still be around FB, I’ll still have SD and I may even throw up the occasional post. Plus, I enjoy reading many of yours as well.

But this is personal to me and I don’t know how else to approach it. All I know is that I feel this strange, irresistible urge to…


I love you all, and I’ll talk to you soon!

13 thoughts on “DO SOMETHING! – The Final (?) Post of Spiritual Drift”

  1. Happy for you, but also sad that you won’t be as prolific. I think I understand where you’re coming from though, and this paragraph in particular resonated with me:

    It’s not that I’m afraid of broaching these subjects; I just don’t care to endlessly argue about them. Nobody ever “wins”. Mostly because there is never anything to “win” in the first place, despite the overriding, irresistible urge to “be right, dammit!”

    I’ve felt more and more this way considering the recent direction my own blog has taken. I don’ intend to stop posting — I just enjoy it too much. But I am taking some time to think about the tone I want to use in my posts. I think I’d like them to be less critical and more focused on bridging differences, much as our emails to each other try to do (I still owe you some of those, btw).

    Anyway, good luck with your foray back into retail! I’ll be talking to you… 🙂

    1. Our emails are exactly the type of dialog I was talking about that I enjoy engaging in. And the difference between those email exchanges and the rhetoric flying back and forth within a portion of the Finding Truth comments are also a perfect example of what I mean. This, in part, has been a good deal of what I’ve struggled with most recently. There are times when I get fairly frustrated with some of the things I read, but its not in the direction that one would assume it would be by my label as a “Christian”.

      Take some of the comments to your posts; most times I have more of an issue with the tone and message from some of your ‘believer’ followers than I do with the ‘skeptic’ followers. You know the world is Topsy-turvy (and possibly a sign of the apocalypse) when Ark and Arch start to sound like the reasonable ones 🙂 It’s certainly not your tone within the blog posts, its the downward spiral a lot of the ensuing dialog takes by a (vocal) few others–most often initiated by my Christian brethren, unfortunately. (Though UnkleE may have a differing opinion on that, ha ha 🙂 )
      …and feel free to write or call! I always have time for you, my friend!

      1. Hi Kent. I half agree with you – I think both “sides” can be at fault and each individual should take responsibility to make it different. I feel that responsibility myself. I am courteous and (reasonably) sensitive in real life, especially about discussing faith matters, but it took me a while to understand the different situation in the artificial world of the internet. I have grown to feel unhappy with the way many of my discussions were going, and so I have withdrawn from commenting on some blogs, eased up on others and choose not to engage with some people. It’s a pity it has to be that way.

  2. Hi Kent, I often wonder the same as you whether all this writing, blogging and commenting achieves anything. I have chosen to keep going, but to withdraw from argumentative discussions. I am also trying to DO a few more worthwhile things in “real life”.

    Obviously each of us has to make our own choice, so I wish you well in this one of yours.

    1. Thanks Candy. Yes, it’s been quite a ride up to this point. Of course, trusting God (like in places such as Matthew 6:31-34) usually turns out to be “quite a ride”, ha ha! It may not be the destination you thought it would be, but it usually ends up being where you were meant to be. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. YES! Totally on the same page. I have withdrawn to find my voice, which is no longer (usually) indignant, focusing on the drama or the division – but from a gut-test that I am being real, balanced and listening. From a place of real anger at God and Christians, to my own faith that made the anger disappear, a faith born of tens of thousands of written words exchanged with a fellow blogger literally across and under the planet from me. I am doing – speaking, volunteering, caring for loved ones. I am learning, not from this side or that, but from both, to find the best truth I can in all the clutter. And I say so, to this side or that, politely. I challenge the computer-chair hatemongers who send along partially true e-mails by directing them to snopes, or presenting a softening view, which may or may not counter the tone of propaganda. I don’t argue. Or delete or end contact. I guard my new-found peace like it is my life…which it quite literally is. And from that I have more to give. I have been refreshed by your honest discussion. Thanks for posting, growing, sharing. With much respect!!! Diane Walter

    1. Thank you, Diane. I love this quote: “I am learning, not from this side or that, but from both, to find the best truth I can in all the clutter.” All I can say is, yup! I may post again but, like you, I want it to be from a place of understanding and encouragement rather than from any (real or perceived) sense of self-righteous indignation over another fallen persons walk. We’re all fallen, and we’re all walking, so what can you do? I would say no more than help each other up, and walk with each other. (and btw, thanks for the added email address 🙂 )

  4. Hi, Kent! I have very much enjoyed your comments and your insight. I also enjoy your passion, and since I am very opinionated ( Surprise!), I have enjoyed reading your words. This latest comment from you sounds somewhat apologetic, so I guess you were feeling more anger than I realized? Anyway—just wanted you to know I have enjoyed your comments and will miss them. When I also have read the responses, I didn’t really perceive them as argumentative. SOOOO— when you have a spark of insight and something to share, hope you will continue!

    I think the reason people “sound off” sometimes instead of “doing something” is that they feel helpless. I don’t think they are necessarily trying to annoy people, but to vent their frustrations. I have had the experience first hand of becoming involved as a volunteer informing the public regarding various issues, seeing those issues I worked for pass on the ballot, and then having them overturned. Seems like it doesn’t matter anymore how THE PEOPLE vote. There are a minority out there who feel like they “know better” than the will of the people. It is frustrating. I see government leaders refusing to enforce many of our laws and that, too, is frustrating. So—when you feel like what you do doesn’t make any difference, sometimes you vent.

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