The Doubter and the Resurrection

I came across this quote from Benjamin Moberg at in a post entitled “The Doubter and the Resurrection”. I have felt this way myself on a few occasions, especially lately, and I thought it worth passing on:

“Presently, I am nearing the edge of my own wasteland, so I am stopping, staying, because this is where I believe we are meant to be. Here, in the tension. The place I turn and turn with questions is the same place I also find consecrated ground. I speak in unexpected hymns. I feel completely authentic. I am not the first.”

Also included is a passage from Greg Boyd’s book, Benefit of the Doubt:

As is apparent in so many Old Testament heroes, the faith of Habakkuk was obviously nothing like the certainty-seeking, doubt-shunning faith of so many today. Instead of avoiding cognitive dissonance by piously slapping the “mystery” label on an apparent contradiction, Habakkuk boldly goes to the mat with God. This is the kind of faith these descendants of Jacob were “blessed” with. And far from being offended by this raw honesty, God is the One who blessed them with it! This apparently is precisely the kind of honest relationship, and the kind of honest faith, God is looking for!

Boyd, Gregory A. (2013-09-15). Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty (p. 83). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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