A “Drifter” Update AND an Offer!

I recently posted this to my Facebook ‘Author’ page, but I wanted to pass this on to all of my faithful Spiritual Drift readers as well….

I’ve made a few changes to the publishing of my entire Drifter Series in e-book form, and I’ve decided to return to an exclusive Amazon publishing platform. This presents several great opportunities for you, my readers, and for myself as well. First, if you happen to have an Amazon Prime membership, you can access the Kindle Lending Library and ‘borrow’ any of my books through Prime FOR FREE!

In addition, it expands the reach of The Drifter to a broader, worldwide audience! Pretty cool, huh? It also gives me the opportunity to pass on some great offers to all of my readers, as well as those who’ve yet to encounter The Drifter.

So, in celebration, for this weekend only (Thursday thru Sunday), I’m offering YOU the opportunity to pick up the 2nd book in the Drifter Series, “The Plague of Grace”, FOR FREE!!

That’s right!   Gratis!   For nada!

Why the 2nd book? Well, the 1st, “The Path of Judgment” is already a great deal at $0.99! I wanted to give all of you a special “in addition” deal for being so supportive. Look for the announcement Thursday morning that the deal is live. And if you’re on Facebook, feel free to ‘share’ it with your friends!

Happy reading!

BTW, you can check out all the books in the Drifter Series, as well as some other cool stuff, and sign up for more great deals and book-type announcements through my exclusive author website: kentrobertsbooks.com

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