A Short ‘Thank You’ to My (400+!??) Readers!


I just noticed that I passed the 300 mark for posted articles on Spiritual Drift!

SD was started in August of 2011 as a way to catalog my (mis)adventures in attempting to reconcile my faith to the world of retail customer service.

Spoiler alert: I failed! Badly! And as a result, left the wild jungles of retail (after ten years with Barnes & Noble!) in January of 2012.

I’ve learned so much in the last 2 ½ years…much of it cataloged within the blog pages of SD. A few of these knowledge nuggets?…

  • The priority of family.
  • The vast differences between “want” and “need”
  • And, in the grand scheme, when given fair consideration, Jesus really did know what he was talking about.

Funny ol’ thing, that!

Though, as a family, we may be (temporarily) poorer in worldly goods, we are much richer in spirit, in character and, most importantly, in relationship with one another and those friends who’ve chosen to walk with us on this adventure.

The world thinks we’re weird.

I think that simply means we’re on the right path!

Thank you, my readers, for tagging along.

…and the adventure continues.

3 thoughts on “A Short ‘Thank You’ to My (400+!??) Readers!”

    1. Weeellllll, I don’t know about that. I don’t quite have the knack for debatable (i.e. those that stir up conversation) topics like you do–or maybe I’m just missing characters like Arch and Ark to stir up the commentary.

      1. Yes, I definitely owe a lot to those guys. I think… actually, maybe they’re the reason my numbers aren’t as high as yours!

        Nah, you write about interesting topics, you’re real and relatable in a way that many bloggers aren’t, and you’re an incredibly nice guy. So I don’t think it’s a real mystery why people follow you. 🙂

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