A Damn Fine, Concise Testimony (All Wrapped Up in One Brief Facebook Comment)

facebook friend buttonThis was written by a friend of a friend on Facebook, and sadly I don’t even remember her name now. The comment she gave was only loosely related to the original post. This woman simply wanted to pass on what this pastor (and God) had meant to her. This is what happens, my friends, when we actually get it right…

“One of the reasons I became a Christian in the first place was because I started wondering why my very logical/scientific father would believe such a fantastic thing.. I strayed, came back and curiously enough, it was a sermon on Grace that got me thinking, not about my depravity, but about the simple fact that God not only loves, but also likes me enough to create me.. What?! The realization to me that God formed all of my molecules together to make me (the waste of breath/space/whatever I told myself at the time), was so revolutionary. And if for me, then for you too!!! AND for that guy over there!! And we all have amazing Godly imprinted gifts and purposes that we can attain here and now if we simply say “YES” to the fantastic being who created us?!  Then and only then can God begin transforming me. Then and only then can I truly love and appreciate the people around me. It’s awesome. Thanks for being a pastor who understands that it isn’t hard to make people feel bad, instead that teaching people that they were made perfect, no matter how absurd that sounds at the time is what really transforms. Start with the worthiness God makes us heirs to.


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