Thoughts on Belief, From Unbelievers: He Who Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear

the world is watchingI follow several blogs on the internetosphere (it’s a word, look it up…no, don’t, it’s really not and you’ll likely just break Google)  Through my random wanderings I’ve run across several comments following these posts that, to me, give The Faithful an idea of what the world sees in way too many of us, and what they’re honestly looking for. There’s a common theme throughout these comments, actually several, and it led me to think of the following scripture: Matthew 5:13-16  “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Here are just a few examples:
~”First, as a non-christian, I have to say I liked your post very much. I wanted to add that it’s not only Christians out there, but people from all kinds of religions and beliefs. Most humans on this earth believe in God, they all want Him to love and forgive their sins and yet they fail to see that he loves each and every one of us despite our actions. They fail to forgive and love others the way God created them, not thinking that their love and forgiveness and acceptance of God’s will in his creations is a part of believing in his power and overrule of this world.”

~”Each day we see countless crimes committed in the name of God, all seeking to make everybody follow their religion. I tell you what, if God wanted us all to believe and act and be the same, he would have created us that way. Nothing wrong with not agreeing with others beliefs, but mighty wrong to hurt them for it.”

~”I wish more people were as open to hearing and bearing with others opinions, no matter how they looked at them. If we could all just accept that God made us the way we are, and he only wishes for us to do good with what he gave us, that killing, hating and cursing at each other is never good no matter how right we thought we are, this world will be so much happier and maybe we’ll get some peace in it.”

~”There are so many points made in this that I often discuss with my Christian friends. I really appreciate this post even as a non-Christian. It isn’t that I don’t believe, it’s that I have not had a true understanding by the Bible’s definition of what it means to be a Christian. I see Christians who hate all the time. Christians who sin left and right but judge you when you do the same.”

~”I’ve always believed there was a higher standard for Christian behavior that I have never actually witnessed. That’s not saying I thought they were supposed to be perfect, because every fool on the Earth knows better than that for any other human being, but I did always believe that they were doing it all wrong. I have read the Bible and it’s a very simple concept when thinking of the followers of Christ, and that was based on 10 commandments. They aren’t easy rules to follow sure, but when I don’t even see Christians loving one another, how am I supposed to look at them any different than myself?”

~”You have to practice what you preach; it is the only way to get people to see what you’re all about in the right way.”

~It both fascinates and frustrates me that people who self-profess not to have a belief in Christ of The Way have such a better handle on what it means to be a Christian than many who DO profess to these beliefs. It’s like someone who has never set foot in a kitchen in their life telling a master baker how to put the ingredients together for a cake…and they’re right!”

~”We live in a broken world, and we’re all broken. The minute we adopt a “see no evil, hear no evil…” attitude, we shut ourselves out of any potential opportunity toward learning and correction, as well as any momentum toward fixing our damaged selves and being able to turn to our neighbor, whether believer or not, and walking with them…”

Granted, they’re not perfect in their understanding of what it means to be a Christian…but, then again, apparently neither are we. And in the end, who is it that has the work cut out for them to do in the world. Not those that are far from God. It’s not their job, at least initially, to seek out some form of faith and belief beyond themselves, let alone discern which is the correct one. The onus lies on us: the “Children of Light” who are given the task, not only to “go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them…” (emphasis mine), but to give them a living, breathing, compassionate, grace-filled example of what it means, what it looks like, to have your life changed by the Holy Spirit.

I can think of no better, no more effective teacher, than one who teaches through action. The world is watching. Not listening, watching. Our words account for nothing. What are we showing them.

One thought on “Thoughts on Belief, From Unbelievers: He Who Has Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear”

  1. This goes along with a question asked by my Pastor about finding the lost; do we value the lost because they are made in God’s image or make stereotypical judgements and dismiss them? Of course, it is a question requiring an answer on an individual basis. Without an answer or giving the wrong answer, we lack flavor.

    Keep the Faith!

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