The Best of Spiritual Drift/2013

Best of 2013I close 2013 with the top seven, (because ten is, like, so predictable), most visited posts of Spiritual Drift in the past year; some surprising, some not so much.

For 2014 I’m looking forward to tagging along with The Drifter for a while longer (two and possibly even three more books within the series). I also have a few more ghostwriting gigs on the horizon and a special project with a fellow blogging friend of mine, Nate Owens from Finding Truth, which I’m particularly excited about. More info to come as we begin fleshing it all out!

Oh, and I promise to get back to more blog writing this year as well!!

I. Promise.

So, without further ado, I give you what people were reading on Spiritual Drift over the past twelve months, along with my thoughts on why they might have been so popular…

#1 (by far)  How to Piss Off a Christian ~ Let Me Count the Ways : My most popular post. Ever. Daily, it seems, people were plugging “how to piss off a Christian” into their Google search and finding their way to me. Hope they got something out of it!

#2) How to Piss Off a Christian in 372 Words Or Less : Yeah, no big surprise here either. This was the original “Piss Off…” post, written almost two years ago now, and my reaction, ironically, to another Christian blogger’s seeming intolerance and hard-heartedness toward sin and those who may be a little farther from God than he felt he was. Yes, I was the P.O.’d Christian in this instance.

#3) Another Question: What Does “Joy” Mean To You? : A new entrant into the top posts this year, likely due to the fine folks at featuring a few of my posts. Special thanks to all at for their continued support!

#4) A New Surreality (…That Was My Dad.) : I lost my dad very suddenly and unexpectedly on October 11th of this year. This was my reaction, my thoughts, and my eulogy all rolled into one.

#5) Quote ~ On ‘Hate the Sin’ : I ran across this quote from A.J. Thomas and felt it quite succinctly echoed my own beliefs/feelings on the subject…and still does. There was a good little discussion going on in the comments section of this post for a while as well. As far as I’m concerned, we can agree or we can disagree, but if we’ve caused each other to THINK, we’ve done all we can.

#6) Why Intelligent People Are Less Likely to be Religious : ßcase in point!

#7) Porn Addiction . . . My Old Friend : Glad to see this one here. It caused quite a bit of controversy when it first came out, even to the point of Cheryl and I losing our positions within a non-profit organization that she had helped to found. In fact, the very reason we were “asked to leave” was the very reason I posted this piece: Silence on the subject, turning our heads from this all-too-common reality, will not make the issue magically go away. To this day, though I’m not proud of the admittance to my own sinful failings, I am actually quite proud of this piece.

Talk to me, even if you disagree! I'd love to hear your comments!

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