A Master Mechanic Needs No Help From A Child ~ excerpt from T.E. Hanna/Of Dust & Kings


I had a Hmmm moment with this article from T.E. Hanna over at Of Dust & Kings. Here’s an excerpt I thought was particularly insightful:

A Master Mechanic Needs No Help From A Child

I am often reminded of the metaphor of the master mechanic restoring a classic car in his private garage, and inviting his 5 year old son to help. If we are honest, there is very little that child has to offer to the mechanic in the form of aid. In fact, it is far more likely that the son of the mechanic will mess things up than it is he will prove an asset. He grabs the wrong tools, bangs on the wrong parts, and gets distracted by the idea of playing in the street — which then forces the mechanic to stop everything he is doing in order to chase after him.

Of course, the child’s assistance was never the point. The point was that, through a shared goal and communal mission, the father and son fostered their relationship and grew closer together as a result. In the process, the child learned how to follow his father’s lead, developed skills with tools and a growing knowledge of cars, and was slowly formed into the man his father hoped for him to become.

This is what God does. He invites us into His work, encourages us to dig in and get our hands dirty, and in the process seeks to grow us in our relationship with Him. The reality is, we are not doing God’s work at all; we are participating in the work that God is already doing.

(read the full article here: http://ofdustandkings.com/gods-work-may-missing-point/)

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