Releasing “In the Path of Judgment” ~ My New Book: It’s Finally Here!!

Today is the day I make a shameless plea to all my Spiritual Drift readers…and everyone else within ear (or eye) shot. My first novel of Christian suspense, “In the Path of Judgment” is released in e-book form TODAY!  I ask all of you, my faithful, and casual, readers and my online, blogging friends, to visit the link below and consider picking up a copy of my work for the paltry sum of $2.99.  A print version will also be released shortly, hopefully within the next week, and will be available as well for $14.99.
Please help me to get this new found love of a career kick-started and off in the right direction. I won’t continue to badger you for sales, but I am making this one shameless plea to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CONSIDER BUYING MY BOOK!!
You can purchase it from Amazon here…..

In the Path of Judgment with author - small

Okay….end of shameless plea.
Thank you all for the kind words of support and encouragement throughout this process!
~ Kent

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