The Hard Work (and Absence) is Starting to Pay Off!

Here’s the cover of my upcoming Spiritual Warfare/suspense novel entitled “In the Path of Judgment”.  A brief synopsis follows.  Hope ya’ll like it!  This labor of love will come to fruition in the middle part of August.  Once I firm up a date, I will let everyone know.  Thanks for all of your patience and support!  It means a lot!!

In the Path of Judgment with author - small

On two fronts, a battle rages.

A spiritual warfare as old as time itself.

For humanity, the flashpoint is a bombing of the Pinegrove Women’s Health Center.

In the spirit realm, the battlefield is within every soul who questions why?

Four people are on a collision course to find answers:
Laura Grey, the head of the Christian Coalition, holds a press conference to clear her name and the name of the organization she’s run for three years; though an angry mob, of her own gathering, has other plans.

Heir to a publishing empire, Will Cowan, is the money behind ReFoRM, the group responsible for the bombing. Always remaining indifferent to the passion and ideology, to him it’s been nothing more than the thrill of mayhem, chaos, and destruction. Yet, murder was never part of the arrangement.

Josh Rangston, the reporter assigned to cover Laura’s press conference, finds himself torn between long-held cynicism and long-buried ethics. Between doing the right thing…and doing his job.

And Nick Lassiter, the drifter, who thought the next exit was just like any other. Instead he lands in the center of the maelstrom. Forced to confront not only a vengeful crowd, but his long callous doubts and unsettled past.

2 thoughts on “The Hard Work (and Absence) is Starting to Pay Off!”

  1. Hmm, just noticed that, in the title, the word is spelled “judgement”. Although not technically wrong, the more correct Anglican version would spell it, “judgment”. What say the masses?

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