Fix You…

Thank you, Guy. This story still brings my wife to emotion, but it wasn’t until you added that damn song that it got to me as well! 😉 This is a personal story of our family, and of God’s presence in tragedy.

Holy Ghost Bumps

broke-chains-wallpaper_1366x768A short time ago, I asked a dear friend, Brother-in-Christ and fellow blogger if he wouldn’t mind being a guest post on Holy Ghost Bumps.  We prayed about it, and, in His perfect timing, this is what God gave him to share.  Its timing is perfect in that it continues the “finding joy again”, “give me strength”, “why, Father?” theme that I’ve been given lately.  This one reminds us that no matter the circumstances in our life, He is there.  And He can fix you. 

Here’s Kent Roberts from Spiritual Drift…thank you, Brother.

The experiences are different, yet the questions remain the same.

For one person, the phone call is devastating.  “There’s something wrong.”  Three words you hope never to hear in regards to your three-month-old baby.

For another, the accident is horrific.  Lives were lost; including a nine-day-old infant.

Where is God in all this?

For me, the…

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