Where Has Your Head Been At Lately!!??

I get ideas for blog posts in many forms: A scripture passage will strike me a certain way; a fellow blogger will write something; or even a comment within a post that triggers a thought of my own.  I’ll often write down the particular comments or passages, set them aside, and later on pick them back up and see what flows from them.  The following is a collection of such ‘quotes’ I’ve collected over the past several months.  I was looking them over, trying to decide on a subject for an upcoming post, when I noticed they kind of formed a cohesive whole all on their own.

I guess the overriding theme of these quotes is where my mind has been at lately.  Do you ever notice how you can read a particular scripture over and over, then one day read it again and it strikes you totally differently than it ever has before?  That’s because, simply from the mindset you’re in, you are ready to ‘hear’ that particular passage.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been ‘hearing’ lately.  I don’t know if it will make any sense to anyone else, but my own thoughts have been really directed towards the ideas of ‘love’, ‘understanding’, and ‘relationship’ as of late.

So here ya go.  I’m sorry I don’t have authorship credit for these quotes.  If one of these came from you, I apologize for not accrediting it, but thank you for lending me your thoughts . . . .

~Perhaps, one of the first lessons we need to learn is that God doesn’t challenge us to have the best answers.  He loves the one willing to ask the best questions.  May we all be blessed in this pursuit.

~Of course we should respond.  Of course there is room for back-and-forth discussion.  But I really want to see
thoughtful conversation that does not condemn the other.

~I’m tired of saying “them” and “us.”

~The purpose of Christianity is not just to make disciples, but to give you an abiding, fulfilled life.  You need other believers.  You need love. (1Corinthians 13)  The real battle in the church is not in what you know or what you can do, it is within your ability to love and be loved.  You can test the success of your congregation by the depth of their relationships.

~I know that the people who have helped me grow in my walk with Christ are the people who make me think. I don’t always agree with them and I don’t always like what they have to say, but it forces me to question what I know and believe….which is a valuable commodity.

~Jesus even knew that Jesus wasn’t enough.  In the garden, God says, “It is not good for man to be alone” even though Adam was with God.  God knew Adam needed relationship with other people, so he created Eve, and he created them with the capacity to make and raise a family and populate the earth.

~People are born for relationship.  Trust is formed through relationship.  As Christians, we have a personal relationship with Christ.  We also have a personal relationship with others (both near and far from God).  If we are to abide in Christ, doesn’t it make sense that we also need to abide in others?

One thought on “Where Has Your Head Been At Lately!!??”

  1. I especially liked the comments about the family and relationships. I believe that the family is the basic foundational unit of the church, built upon Christ. One of the most important functions of the church is to strengthen the family. It is within the family that we have our
    greatest opportunities for spiritual growth—where we learn to share, to love, to forgive, to make sacrifices, and to be tolerant. It is the Lord’s plan for families to enjoy our family relationships (and also our
    friends) for eternity. We are building the foundation here for something that will be even more important to us in the hereafter.

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