Beyond the Tragedy ~ Healing Through Relationship

Does God ‘cause’ tragedy?  Does He ‘allow’ bad things to happen?  We could argue these points until the second coming itself, but what I would rather do is pass on to you a story of what God could ‘cause’ to happen if we ‘allow’ Him to work in our lives through tragedy.

The following testimonial is written by one of Real Life Ministries Members and Volunteer Leaders, Tina Allen. She shares about a time of loss, and how relationships with others helped her through it. Tina and her husband Dave are living examples of how God uses relationship with others to bring healing, love, and joy into our lives. And how we can then turn around and share with others going through struggles, allowing God’s healing and love out to flow through us.

On May 17, 2010, our lives changed…forever. We received a call that evening that our youngest son, Justin, had been in a motorcycle accident. He was on his way to the ER. As you can imagine, all kinds of thoughts were going through our minds as we drove to the hospital. What I remember the most is saying over and over:

God, please let Justin be alright…

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