WednesDevotionals ~ Quote from “Life of Trust” by George Müller

I like this quote by Dr. E.N. Sawtell in a letter addressed to the editor of the book “Life of Trust” by George Müller.

This book recounts the life of extraordinary faith of Mr. Müller; a man who found it on his heart to open an orphanage in 19th century England and fund every aspect of its operation solely by prayer and faith in Christ alone.  He never solicited outside donors for money, relying on the providence of answered prayers and the will of God to move those with means to fund his organization which at its height included five different buildings in the Orphan House, housing over 1100 children, as well as the Scriptural Knowledge Institution of House and Abroad, a scriptural printing press and doctrinal distribution center.

“Now, may not Mr. Müller ’s experience on this vital and fundamental principle of our holy religion reveal to us the secret cause of our own weak faith?  We fold it up, as it were, in a napkin, lay  it carefully away, and treat it as a tender but foolish mother does her offspring; afraid of the open air, it will take cold; it must not walk out, it will fall and break its limbs; it must not take nutritious food, it is so delicate.  Thus the poor, unfortunate child never rises to the full strength and vigor of manhood.  So is it with that class of believers who do little else than to nurse and sing a kind of lullaby over their puny faith; it must never venture out of sight, or upon a stormy sea in a dark night, or, in other words, never trust God.  O, what a misnomer to call this faith! and what is it worth, even if it can be called faith?  So far as the wants of this perishing world are concerned, it is as worthless as the one talent buried in the earth, and if sufficient to save the soul, it can be saved ‘only as by fire’.”

For a free e-book copy of “Life of Trust”, click here.

For more information on George Müller, click here.

2 thoughts on “WednesDevotionals ~ Quote from “Life of Trust” by George Müller”

    1. Thank you, Judy. I’m in the midst of reading “Life of Trust” as we speak. It’s an excellent testament to trust, faith, patience, perseverance and so on. George Muller was truly extraordinary in his commitment and belief.

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