Four Weeks!

Four weeks!  Four weeks now, we’ve been working through various flu and sicknessy-type bugs in our household.

I can honestly say, with all the joyousness of the Israelites cresting that final hill to peer at the promised land after wandering in the desert for forty years, with all the relief of Job after recovering from his many long months of afflictions, it’s nice to see that our family may truly be rounding a corner back to some semblance of H-h-h-h-health.

As I sit here now, with pen finally put back to paper, (Okay, okay, but “with hands firmly placed on keyboard” just doesn’t have the same ring!), I’m certainly glad I had a few posts and other various writings cued in to tide me over.  The time away wasn’t a total waste, though.  I certainly learned a few things along the way, some of which I’m happy to pass on to you now:

~ Nothing teaches you perseverance like diving into the word of God when all you feel like is curling up into a fetal ball and shivering your way into a warm, nausea-free, dreamless oblivion.

~ Nothing teaches you grace and patience like rubbing the back of your crying seven-year-old daughter as she kneels, doubled-over in front of the toilet, heaving up what you swear should be her toenails by now.

~ Nothing teaches you humility and forgiveness like seeing the, “What-on-earth??-I-cannot-believe-you-are-actually-trying-to-talk-to-me-right-now-when-I’m-feeling-like-this!” look peeking out from between the cocoon-like covers on your spouse’s side of the bed.

~ Nothing teaches you the feeling of glory and triumph like that first morning waking up and feeling . . . nothing!

Finally and possibly most importantly . . .

~ Nothing, but nothing, teaches you of your dependence on–and the graven mistake of abstaining from–coffee like the first morning with a caffeine headache!

"Hello my old friend! I've missed you!"
“Hello my old friend! I’ve missed you!”

4 thoughts on “Four Weeks!”

  1. with all the joyousness of the Israelites cresting that final hill to peer at the promised land after wandering in the desert for forty years

    And may your various ailments feel the dread that the Canaanites felt as well! 😉 Seriously, glad to hear you guys are getting well. My family went through something similar around this past Christmas and New Year’s — it sucks!

    1. Thanks, Nate. I’m surprised by the number of people around here who’ve been saying, “yeah, me too! Yeah, me too!” This has been a BAD season for health! Good to start seeing a little sunshine peeking through the grey.

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