Translating the ESV~Hyundai Edition (In All It’s Seriousness…Really!)

It started off as a simple Facebook comment discussion on the Prosperity Doctrine.  It quickly devolved.  Still, there may be some small nuggets of divine ‘gold’ in there somewhere.  Or not:

  • But God WANTS me to have that Lexus!
  • Lol! Well, the tricky thing is sometimes he does. Look at David, Solomon, many of the Greek Christians (and Romans), Joseph and even Job (the greatest man among all people of the east).  The thing is, he never promises the Lexus (i.e. prosperity) solely based on your belief in Him. He does promise that there will come troubles, trials, etc. – Walk with him and trust and praise him in all circumstances and ALL the time 🙂
  • Depends on which version of the Gospel you’re reading. It specifically says “Lexus” in my English Standard Version of High-End Vehicles (God’s Promises Edition).
  • That’s the ESV-HEV isn’t it?
  • Yup!
  • Well, dang it. I have the Hyundai translation…..
  • Exactly! That would be the ESV-SVE (Standard Vehicle Edition) which says only, “Toyota”. (or, in some translations of the original HebGreekAmaic, “Hyundai”)
  • Mine is the PATPB (point A to point B) Edition.
  • Oh, so sorry dude. What’s yours say? “Dodge Dart”?
  • “Pinto”!!
  • “Minivan of questionable origins.”
  • James 1:2 (and beyond!). I am struck more and more about our brain needing to form new pathways after years of doing the wrong things that these are often times the unpleasant things.  I must continue on in the process of sanctification as I learn new ways, healthier ways. These are what feel like ‘trials’ until I learn to respond in a more loving way. And it IS working! I do find “Joy” as I face new challenges, and recognize that Jesus is behind them. I have had lot’s of money and it only brought more expensive problems (not joy OR peace) for the more expensive house, car, clothes, food and toys! Suffering comes in many shapes and sizes, and 10 year old Subaru’s are dysfunctional too!
  • Thank you, that helps a great deal too, as I want to embrace this as something of God, not secular psychology and twelve step brouhaha for those of us who used to embrace “minivans of questionable origin”.
  • The lure of minivans of questionable origins may always be there. Our goal is to surround ourselves with good people who have overcome this sad, psychological need and moved on. To sedans, S.U.V.’s and even (shudder) convertibles. There IS diversity . . . we CAN overcome!
  • I am a “Convertible”. After cancer I see the world with a whole new view!! Praise God for his amazing life saving grace and work in me!!
  • Love it!
  • If the Lord can use me and my doofish nature, he can use anybody! 🙂
  • “Blessed be the doofuses” ~ the unwritten beatitude.
  • I think it’s in there- the language has just changed over time.
  • “Blessed be the doofish ones, for God will use them despite their shortcomings” 5th Philukens 42:42
  • That too is in the ESV – Hyundai edition!
  • “Blessed be the Hyundai in Spirit…”– Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel.

Yeah, maybe not . . .

2 thoughts on “Translating the ESV~Hyundai Edition (In All It’s Seriousness…Really!)”

    1. Thanks for the comment and follow Ellie. My wife and I have said on more than one occasion, “I’d rather be under a bridge with the Lord than in a mansion without him.” Hmmm, great minds think alike, hehe . . .

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