A Mosaic of Little Events….

discipline of grace“Life is largely a mosaic of little events and little deeds.  It is the decision we make when the cashier at the supermarket gives us too much change, or the waiter at the restaurant understates our bill, that reveals whether we are honest or not.  It may seem as if I tend to trivialize life by frequently using illustrations of sins that some consider not too big an issue.  But the truth is, it is in the minutiae of life where most of us live day after day.  We seldom have to say ‘no’ to an outright temptation to adultery.  We often have to say ‘no’ to the temptations to the lustful look or thought.

~ From the book “The Discipline of Grace” by Jerry Bridges (pg. 15)

7 thoughts on “A Mosaic of Little Events….”

  1. I’ve read one book by Jerry Bridges – The Pursuit of Holiness. It was very worthwhile. This book looks like it too. Thanks for sharing the quote.

    1. You’re very welcome. Mr. Bridges seems to be able to pack a whole bunch of information into just a few pages. It’s taking me about 2-3 times longer to read this books than I normally would, simply because I keep finding myself either putting it down so I can ‘take in’ what he’s said, or going back and forth between his book and Scripture. Very enjoyable and educational though. Hit’s me about like Francis Chan did a year or so ago with “Crazy Love”.

    1. Please, let me know what you think; and what you’ve thought of other books of his you’ve read. “Discipline of Grace” was the first book I’ve read from Bridges and I appreciated his thorough research and constant reference to Scripture…which constantly sent me to the Word for myself. I really would like reread the book a.s.a.p. as I felt like I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

      1. I’ve also read his works, Trusting God, The Pursuit of Holiness, The Gospel for Real Life, and The Transforming Power of the Gospel. Anything that Bridges writes is solid, easy-to-read, and always gracious. He’s like the cool theological uncle we all wish we had. I’ll let you know how his other book turns out!

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