There are no words . . .



There are times when words simply fail you.  After seeing the tragic events that took place in Connecticut, this is one of those times.

Social media seems trite and ingratiating at this point.  My self-important ramblings on this site seem so pointless and conceited; so small and insufficient in the grand scheme of the forces we (whether, or what, you choose to believe, or not) face in this world.  Unfortunately, I’m sure it will pass.

Unfortunate because I fear as a society we are treading unknown territory here: This is a whole new level of tragedy; this is a whole new level of malevolence and evil. Against such things, finger-pointing is useless; politics and laws are powerless. There are issues at play here that simply go much, much deeper.

During this time, I am praying for peace and strength for those families, friends, teachers, and the entire community of Newtown, Ct. I would pray for understanding, but I doubt any would be forthcoming, nor satisfactory; at least in this present life.

I pray as well for Jesus to return soon.

I, for one, am so done with this world!

2 thoughts on “There are no words . . .”

  1. This event is so horrendous–it stretched my mind to believe it is actually true, and yet, I know it is. I, too will pray for those families and also for the children from the schools around our nation who have been robbed of their sense of security and are probably experiencing fears and nightmares. It deeply saddens me that children can no longer feel safe in our schools. Yes, Kent, I wish the Savior would come quickly, too.

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