“Lights Please?” ~ reblogged from Shaping Your Spirit

Here’s a blog post I submitted to Real Life Ministries small group blogsite “Shaping Your Spirit”, with a wonderful, heartfelt introduction from site editor Heidi Yount.  Enjoy, and have a wonderful, peaceful, joy-filled Christmas season.  I’ll touch base again soon.  Cheers!


Do you love Christmas time?

Some of us can’t wait for it to get here (slide me into that camp)…but I’ve met others who are hurting, and can’t wait to turn the page on the calendar and ring in the next year, glad to see the month of December in the rear view mirror.

However you’re feeling this time of year, we, here at RLM, all desire to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and to rejoice in the humble birth of our Lord… it’s with this reminder I bring you this week’s blog, written with heart and sincerity from my bloggin’ buddy Kent.

I’m thinking I’d love to carry Nat’s crooning tune with me for a while, feels good to sit in it, and soak up the message of this beloved Christmas carol,  “Remember Christ our Savior, was born on Christmas day, to save us from Satan’s power when we were gone astray.  O tidings of comfort and joy…

There is joy to be found this Christmas, and I pray each of you finds it through Jesus …and if a little help from Charlie Brown helps get you there, so be it.

And with that, I give you Kent’s post:

Normally, Shaping Your Spirit is my forum for writing about all things home group-ish.  However, on reading Heidi’s post last week, and more importantly, seeing the attached Charlie Brown video, these were the thoughts that came to mind…

When I was a kid, and even up to this day, there’s no Christmas special I look forward to quite like A Charlie Brown Christmas.  You can have your “Silent Night’s”, your “Holly Jolly’s” and your “fa la la la la’s”; there’s nothing like the rolling piano beat of Vince Guaraldi’s Linus and Lucy to get me in the mood of the holidays. ( Continue reading @ “Shaping Your Spirit” here)

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