The Rise of Quote Man ~ Volume 2

I’ve been finding myself busier than normal over these last couple weeks, having just submitted my first ‘big time’ article on to a ‘big time’ national media publisher.  Currently I am working on my second with a deadline of this very weekend.

All that to say I will be spending a little less time around the ol’ Spiritual Drift for the next few weeks, as my thoughts and concentration will lie elsewhere—I am a man after all, and we all know that men do one thing…and one thing only…at a time…until it is completed…and then…and ONLY then… will we move on to the next ‘one thing’.  It may not be exclusively so, however, as I am in touch with my feminine side; so you could see the odd, random posting now and then throughout the month.  But, I will be back in earnest in January.

In the meantime however, I can plagiarize with the best of them, thus I’ve yet again unearthed a small collection of quotes from fellow bloggers and Facebook friends from my random meanderings across this space/time continuum otherwise called “The Internet”.   Have a lovely, safe, happy, joyously fattening Holiday season!  Shall we begin?

If you’ve categorized people by “them” and “us” and “we get it” and “they don’t,” that’s the same old tired political party lines. A rebellious abandonment of all the rules is still a Pharisaical death-grip on the law of “I follow no laws.” The guy who parties and the guy who clenches his religion are both worshiping the law of self. Your legalism-machine, whether built on religion or rebellion, completely ignores the grace of God.  Neither is better than the other, and Jesus did away with all of that at the cross. ~ J.S. Park/The Way Everlasting

But it does cost something to be a real Christian, according to the standard of the Bible. There are enemies to be overcome, battles to be fought, sacrifices to be made, an Egypt to be forsaken, a wilderness to be passed through, a cross to be carried, a race to be run. Conversion is not putting a man in an armchair and taking him easily to heaven. It is the beginning of a mighty conflict, in which it costs much to win the victory. Hence arises the unspeakable importance of “counting the cost”. ~ J.C. Ryle, Holiness

“Religion is primarily a search for security and not a search for truth. Religion is what we so often use to bank the fires of our anxiety. That is why religion tends toward becoming excessive, neurotic, controlling and even evil. That is why a religious government is always a cruel government. People need to understand that questioning and doubting are healthy, human activities to be encouraged not to be feared. Certainty is a vice not a virtue. Insecurity is something to be grasped and treasured. A true and healthy religious system will encourage each of these activities. A sick and fearful religious system will seek to remove them.” ~ John Shelby Spong, retired US bishop of the Episcopal Church

Know that Satan attacks those who are HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired.
Satan will also attack those who try to live out the Word of God, who are actively loving, serving, and giving.
The absolute best thing you can do to attack Satan is:
Grab Hold of God’s Vision and Calling.
Simply live the Christian life and pursue Jesus.
Satan hates it when we obey God, love people, and serve the church.
Let’s do what pisses off Satan.
. ~ J.S. Park

“There are things — virtues, fruits of character, graces — which men do carry with them out of this world. What a man IS — he carries with him into the eternal world. Money and rank and pleasures and earthly gains — he leaves behind him; but his character, he takes with him into eternity!”  ~  J.R. Miller

7 thoughts on “The Rise of Quote Man ~ Volume 2”

    1. Not really, yet. Don’t even know if it will be accepted until mid-January. Just kinda superstitious about it all right now, being new at this freelance stuff and all. Don’t wanna jinx it. I’ll keep everyone up to date as anything progresses.

    1. Thank you Nate! I like this quote quite a bit, too. I feel that with this line of thinking, there is always a risk of those who would fall away from religion, like yourself. This is why too many religions fear this risk and rush towards security. What I have found, is that within that risk, and through the boldness of questioning, lay the very security sought for those who have chosen to remain in their faith.

    1. Thank you, Graeme. Ironically, when writing a piece for our church website, I kind of went off on a tangent and the post became something a little more appropriate for “Spiritual Drift” (i.e. I ranted. 🙂 ) That’ll probably be coming out the first of next week.

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