Photo Friday ~ Transformed

Photo courtesy (c) of Patrick Latter/
Photo courtesy (c) of Patrick Latter/

6 thoughts on “Photo Friday ~ Transformed”

    1. BTW, are you familiar with Patrick Latter’s photo blog at If you enjoy nature photography at all I would recommend you check him out, his work is phenomenal! He’s been posting for a while now and just recently began offering his work for sale.

  1. I agree that faith is always empowered by grace, however, “Faith without works is dead.” James Ch. 2 sheds much light on the necessary union of faith with good works.

    1. I agree Maryann. I think, in this case though, the idea being brought forth is more of how we, as the body of Christ, can help manifest and maintain faith among one another, not simply within ourselves. Most especially the budding faith of those who’ve newly crossed the line of faith. Adherence to rules (the “moral conformity”) and trying to live up to a certain standard (the “behavior modification” via the above mentioned “guilt trip”) is a guaranteed death knell for someone’s faith, not to mention undermining the need of Jesus’ death on the cross. Works are definitely necessary. But they are the resulting outward manifestation of an inward belief in what has already been done for us . . . and that we are now called to do for others: humble ourselves, reach out in love, and extend grace.

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